Thursday, 1 January 2015

Gerry Armsrong's Declaration

Some excerpts from Gerry Armstrongs declarion about how "Marty Rathbun knows Scientology terrorism" and believe me Marty does KNOW IT. You know that feeling 'always go with your gut instincts', well I have had that gut instinct right from day one. I had it when I saw Marty with John Sweeney on the BBC's Panorama episode with the e-meter,I had it when I saw Marty being 'harassed' by the squirrel busters, I had it when I saw Marty propel jet water over the squirrel busters. I had it when I saw the squirrel busters pictures when Marty went to Germany, I had it when I saw Marty speaking in Germany. I had it when Samantha Domingo gave such a gushing appraisal of Marty at the Dublin Offlines conference to myself and others. I had it when Channel 4 on Brittish TV gave him an hour of air time and that 'gut instinct' has not changed.When I read what Gerry has to say that 'GUT INSTINCT' has remained intact.

What you have to remember is both Gerry and I go way back inside scientology history, I, even before him. I got out as he was getting in and we both knew Hubbard very well. I knew Gerry's first wife even before he knew her, I also knew his sister in-law extremely well, we were best friends and cabin mates for a while on the Royal Scotman/Apollo. This world is small in the grand scheme of things.

I read about Gerry online and prompted my very old best friend about him, she said "he's a bullshitter", made me very intrigued as she was so vague about what had happened to us and particularly her as she was in for 30+ years.Shit, that's nearly half our life can someone be so vague about half of their life...30+ years. 

My step sister is approaching 50 years now in this tyranny, as is my very old friend...

I first encountered Gerry Armstrong in the flesh in 2012, and I feel privileged to have met him. My hope is we meet again, and I also get to meet his wife, Caroline, next time...there is so much to discuss...

"Falsely accusing the Scientologists’ lawfare targets of violating court orders was a litigation stratagem Rathbun had his agents and underlings used many times while he ran legal affairs for L. Ron Hubbard and current cult head David Miscavige. 6 To prevent the publication of Russell Miller’s Bare-Faced Messiah, Rathbun had his personnel Kenneth David Long and Sheila MacDonald Chaleff execute affidavits falsely accusing me of violating court sealing orders and passing sealed documents to Miller for his book. 7 Rathbun then had one of his powerful Scientology lawyers threaten me to prevent me from responding to Long and Chaleff’s lies."

"Rathbun, under Hubbard and Miscavige, of course, ran the terrorism, or the criminal conspiracy, in the early 1980’s as I experienced it and testified about it in the Christofferson trial in 1985, and as McMurry meant and used the term “terrorist group” in closing argument. Now Rathbun says that in 2014 the Scientologists attempting to intimidate and silence him is terrorism. He even calls the two agents, who were videoed apparently accosting him in a Hollywood studio, “terrorists.”"

"The Scientologists under Miscavige have charged that Rathbun ran a “reign of terror,” and Rathbun and his supporters have charged that Miscavige established the “reign of terror.” The Miscavigeites and the Rathbunites had been referring here, however, to the “terror” inflicted on themselves and their Scientologist underlings, not the terror the Scientologists inflicted on wogs. Hubbard, Miscavige, Rathbun, Prince, Rinder, et al. directed the underlings, hired agents, and spent untold millions to terrorize good wogs. All Scientologists, if they only knew it, sign up to terrorize wogs, specifically the Suppressive Person class. Hubbard and his then cabal knew it because they ran the conspiracy to terrorize the SPs."

"Rathbun and Miscavige have been in virtually complete agreement to not address the terror the conspiracy inflicted on their wog targets. Because Rathbun refuses to tell the truth about the terrorism or criminal actions he perpetrated and got others to perpetrate against the Scientologists’ human targets, the Scientologists’ recent actions against Rathbun, of course, are suspect. They could easily be “stage settings” for appearances and social engineering purposes. Judge Breckenridge entered the term into my consciousness in the Armstrong 1 judgment."

"Since he claimed to have left Scientology and be speaking out, Rathbun has attacked me, and had others attack me for, among other “reasons,” my December 1986 dismissal of my legal claims against the Scientologists up to that time in exchange for a sum of money. It was supposed to be, and was called, a “settlement.” Rathbun, et al. call it “selling out,” and they claim that Rathbun has never sold out and will never sell out, is “not buyable at any price,” etc. This black PR line and his usurping of virtue in this paradigm are perverse because Rathbun was the person in charge of buying me, or forcing me to settle, by, among other crimes, criminally framing my attorney. I wrote an article in 2011 about the Scientologists’ attack on me for “selling out.” 30"

"I pray that in 2015 he has a change of heart and stands up for the people he truly terrorized for no moral or lawful reason, and that he tells the whole, unadorned truth about all that terrorism. And may God give him the courage he says he has." 

 Excerpted from Marty Rathbun knows Scientology terrorism by Gerry Armstrong (31 December 2014)

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