Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I hold you all totally responsible...

Hana Eltringham Whitfield, for enforcing me to be imprisoned in the bowels of the Apollo for merely speaking to Greek boys. I hold you Janice Gillham totally accountable for not speaking out about the atrocities we had to endure.I hold you Joe van Staden and Jill van Staden totally accountable for the unconscionable acts committed against my Father, I also hold you to the unconscionable acts committed against myself, a mere child of 12 years old, all in the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

Maria Maloney, you are not let off here, I also think you are accountable for the malicious acts you created to suppress me as a youth of 12 years old, while flamboyantly getting it off with some Italian.My memory is very good, too good for you.

I personally hate my step Mother, Lynne Newman, married to Derek Fields, both long time scientologists.

"you pulled it in" she said to me when I got myself into bad shit, because I knew no better. I was 12 years old and all she could say was "YOU PULLED IT IN",like it was totally my fault. Well, Hello, I was not several thousand years old and this was all I knew, $cientologists do NOT know how to love, they only know how to repeat Hubbard.

Hubbard hated the idea of family life, he hated it, he once said to me as as a Messenger "hows it going?" and I said "I miss my family" and he said "You are part of the group now, your family are fine, you need to concentrate on the group" NEVER! That's when I knew!

And I listen to you f*cking idiots that try to pass the buck on and say "it was not my fault" I was brainwashed!Well, if you were that f*cking brainwashed maybe you need some help and you sure as hell won't get it in $cientology, will you?

I constantly strive to have some kind of understanding of what makes someone be a true believer, but unfortunately all I have are my memories of the real Hubbard, first hand and it's not a pretty picture.

LRH as we knew L. Ron Hubbard aboard the Apollo, or  "the old man" as some people liked to call him as if he was some old sage or maybe even Buddha reincarnate liked to say "everything is for the greatest good", over time it became apparent everything was for the greatest good of L. Ron Hubbard.Even more so today.

I would like to express my feelings about some of the things Jamie De Wolfe read out at Flag Down, but for now at least, I can't...let's just say... I haven't cried so much in ages...I can hear my own Father crying from his grave...saying "I told you so".

My Father was quite a good artist and in his latter years spent a lot of time drawing pictures of Tarot cards, on reflection of some of the conversations I had with him, he thought himself to be some kind of God, oh what a twisted web we weave, when trying to deceive...

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