Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cruise's true nature is killing aliens

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Also at cinemas | Cruise's true nature is killing aliens
Body Thetans, also known as BTs seem to be a theme Tom Cruise just cannot get rid of, just like his reactive mind, it keeps reactivating OT 111. 

Do Scientologists really believe this stuff?

Yes, they do. This essay by Bob Minton describes the Scientology world-view that emerges from OT III. And here's an excerpt from a piece by Stacy Brooks describing her reactions upon first reading OT III: I sat there for a long time after I read this startling revelation. 
It was a profound turning point for me. I will describe what went on in my mind as well as I possibly can. Here I had finally made it to the Wall of Fire, I had just been given the Secrets of the Universe. This was Reality! I distinctly remember feeling like I was in a state of suspended animation; as if I were watching myself to see how I was going to react to this news. I almost let the thought form: "You've got to be kidding!" But I caught it just in time and squelched it. I did allow myself to think that I didn't understand what he was talking about. But having already installed L. Ron Hubbard in my mind as the unerring dispenser of Truth, there was no way for me to reject the information. I remember feeling completely numb and making sure to arrange my expression so that the course supervisor would not realize how stunned I was.
Mercifully, it was soon time for dinner. I remember walking toward the galley (the dining room), which was in the basement of what is now Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, trying to digest what I had just learned. As I walked over a small bridge I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks, frozen by the thought that I was crawling with millions of disembodied creatures. I had to restrain the urge to wipe my hands over my whole body to get them off!

OT III Course, summary and comments


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