Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Claire Popham

Why is she not acknowledged in $cientology history?

She was a Commodores Messenger in the late 1960s , one of the originals, like myself, but who challenges this history? WHO?

Well, Lawrence Wright, well who the fuck is he ? Cos, I have never heard of him before, ever! He's a $cientologist apollogist in my eyes...Karen De La Carriere would you like to embellish on this...thought NOT...scroll down to Wednesday 28th of May...that is her reply...

Discussion of Abuses and Punishments in Radical Scientology

and that is why it was not published in England.I even sent a message to someone I do trust, and said "are books like this printed in America?"  ..."Some of the old books" was the reply. Well, not quite, but I think you get the gist.


I have noticed that "Discussion of Abuses and Punishments at INT Base" has been changed to 'Discussion of Abuses and Punishments in Radical Scientology', it's been a while now and I chose to ignore it, just like I choose to ignore people who think they are superior. They have the media behind them, they are supreme, 'elite' ex sea org members who gave their whole life over to a pack of lies...and what does that make them...superior people...really?

I know a lot of young kids, in their 20s, one of them is my own and they could knock spots off of all of you...politicians,radical $cientologists, Supreme Court Justices...they would throw you to the lions and it would be just...

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