Sunday, 25 May 2014

A mish mash

The older you get, the more time flies by and 10 years is actually 15 years...where did it go? I have NO idea!

When I was a little kid on the Apollo/ Royal Scotman , one of the things that you were subjected to daily was to hold emotions back, it was expected of you. NO ENTHETA! To this day, I try damned hard to do that, someone hits a nerve, you reign it in, no holds barred because you must not give out ENTHETA. I have not succeeded in this endeavor, I have totally lost the plot with Karen De La Carriere, Marty Rathbun, Michael Rinder, Janis Gillham, Terri Gillham and even Hana Eltringham/ Whitfield, because behind the facade of speaking out there is still that element of BULLSHIT!

You don't think what happened then bears any credibility upon what happens NOW!

"There was NO Christ"...L. Ron Hubbard
There also was NO's all science fiction...the drug addled bamblings of a nutter from Venus, or was it Mars, or was it just drugs...lets hear it for Narconon...the authority on drug addiction...NO just another f*cking American cult that has money to exploit people...

A nerve was hit tonight during a conversation I had, it hurt and then another friend brought this up on youtube and it kinda hit home...

The nerve that got hit was my sister, she will be 49 years old this year and she has been drip fed L. Ron Hubbard her whole life, from birth. There is NO going back...she has had 49 years of being force fed L. Ron is her whole is all she has known, pretty much like Mike Rinder, Janis Gillham, Terri Gillham, Peter Gillham Jr, Alexander Jentzsch, even David Miscavige.They know nothing else, IT IS THEIR LIFE!

Baffling to me...baffling to you but it is their entire life...the average age is 80 years old...there is NO hope for these people, you are expecting them to write off their entire life...and I personally want them to, because it was a life built on lies...

....their own parents betrayed them, my parents betrayed me...and they all did it in the name of L. Ron Hubbard...recently at Flag Down 2014 ...Jamie De Wolfe apologised for his Great GrandFather, he had absolutely NO need to do this, but I understand absolutely why he did this and I appreciate the gesture one hundred percent. But, it was NOT your fault and NEVER will be.

My sister will not speak to me...OSA at the other end of the Aunts...neither of them will speak to me, one of them encouraged me to speak out, but I said too much, now neither of them will speak to appears I really am an SP...

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