Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Scientologists at WAR

The Supreme Justices of England have declared Scientology a "religion", does anybody actually get that? It is only 60 years old, not 2000 years old, but 60 years old, I am 56 years old and unfortunately I was bamboozled into this at the age of 6, via parents. My Father was a nutter, due to Scientology and is now dead, with all his secrets, and my Mother has vanished off of the face of this earth.

Funny that, HUH!

My Aunt Zandra who is widely publicized via John Forte's book tells me she learnt a lot via LRH and has practiced it all her life. Her daughter tells me something different! Funny that, HUH!

I know for a fact there are hundreds, if not thousands of ex scientology kids, many don't want to talk about it and I understand that also. God, IT took me nigh on 40 years! Scared witless, terrified of being locked  up in a mental institution, which the scientologists railed against.I understand only too well.

You want to get a law suit together, I am there, but I have NO money for this.

Terri Gillham, Janis Gillham...up to their eyeballs. Norman Starkey...right up his balls...100%. Maria Starkey...more than likely, if she is still in...and I believe she is. The Gillhams have spoken out...bollachs, have they? Karen#1 has she really spoken out, M&M have they really spoken out? NO, they have NOT!

And, you wonder why I am pissed off, really?

Reality sucks, huh!

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