Thursday, 26 December 2013

Putting the fear of God in Children

Recently, in the aftermath of Jimmy Saville, a well known character on British TV, who is dead,and who sexually molested many children, with his "Jim will fix it for you" many  other British celebrities have been accused of molesting children. Their celebrity status afforded them a life that was untouchable. One could say 'Kha Khan'. This is not acceptable, not if they are guilty. Many people will quibble and say why did these children not speak out about it then, why all these years later? The .answer is FEAR. I know that FEAR, I know it only too well.

One of the hardest ones for many people to grasp is Rolf Harris,of 'two little boys, fame' a British TV personality for years,( I think he was actually Australian) lead a charmed life, he entertained us all on British TV with his wobble board and his amazing pictures and he could even play a didgeri doo. To learn that this man sexually molested children as young as seven is horrific and who prey tell would believe it?

It's unthinkable, isn't it?

Rolf Harris to stand trial in April on charges of indecent assault and ...

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