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Goran Anderson - MAA on the Royal Scotman/ Apollo

Goran could play piano, he was good, I mean very good, he could play like this on his own... a waste of talent. He was also good at throwing people overboard, locking people up and threatening little girls with mental institutions if they spoke out about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

David Englehart, man in white shirt:

«Josh snickered at the intensity of Mr. Englehart's speech and Mr. Englehart responded by shoving the boy and dangling him over the edge of a high stoop - about five feet high - and pretending he would drop him to the pavement below.  The boy was very shaken and cowed.» Affidavit of Zoe Woodcraft (24 January 2001)
[Here is Dave Englehart (hosted on Tilman Hausherr's web site)] Source...


Threatening, a Scientology practice

Jason Barclay's story...

I was told I’d be able to go to school while in the S.O. but I only went to one day of school at a Delphi where we were taught Psychology ‘speed reading’ tech where you could ‘guess’ the definitions of words based on the paragraphs before. I asked the teachers why they were teaching that and that was my last day of school for the next 6 months. They didn’t seem to care if any of the SO kids were really learning. I wondered why I no longer had to go to school because I thought that was a government requirement for my age.

I would get up each day and be at the 9:30am muster. I’d study Scientology data for 5 hours a day and get back home at 10pm after work. Every day for the first 4 months I was verbally abused twice a day by the then EPF IC ‘David Engleheart’.

I would have to do hard manual labor like moving bags of cement around. Sometimes it was gruesome, sometimes it was ok. I loved working in the rain but realized later that was messed up that ‘the rain’ was no excuse for getting a little less of a ‘product’ that day. On my last day in the EPF I was physically abused by the EPF IC who was mad I didn’t have a uniform belt yet. He grabbed me by the hips and shook me around a bit asking where my belt was. I simply replied that the uniform IC said it would still be a week or two.
A few times I worked till about 1AM in the morning and left once I ‘felt done’ and crying only because my team IC forgot to tell me we were done for the day.

When it came time for my LOA they would only give me 2 weeks off.

So I called my mom and had her withdraw her permission for me to be in the SO.


Jason Barclay Tells It Like It Is | Mike Rinder's Blog


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