Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Immaculate CON-ception

Nobody has a baby without sex: ie; a penis goes into a Virgina and, sperm enters egg and a "miracle" happens. And, it is a miracle, a miracle of nature. It is wonderful-to produce a baby. Of course, nowadays you can, it's called IVF, you can inject sperm into an egg and create a baby, back in Mary and Joseph's time, you could not. The Big Deal is that every woman that has a baby, for them, it is a big deal, for their family and their friends it is a 'Big Deal', for anyone else, not so much.

Talk about being thrown off track, that is not what this post was supposed to be was a poinsettia moment, when I was asked why I was wearing one,and the subject got changed completely, because this is "Christmas" and certain subjects are taboo...well...unfortunately, it is every single day with me...I will not and cannot rest until justice is does not matter what day of the year it is...let bygones be bygones...nah! Ain't gonna happen, any time soon. When the Supreme Justices in England decided Scientology was a religion...they declared WAR.

Five Years...that's ALL we've got...Woody Woodmansy...1967, less than a week it's 2014, still five years...?

That's ALL we have got...

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