Saturday, 28 December 2013

Going Clear -the prison of belief

The Looming Tower of Scientology was fact checked by scientologists,Channel 4 in the UK is fact checked by scientologists, The Daily Mail in the UK is fact checked by Scientologists. The Supreme Court in the UK is fact checked by Scientologists and the BBC in the UK would have you believe  Mike Rinder defected...BOLLOCHS!

And you have the three most notorious LRH lovers on earth who will not speak out, because they are raising children, what from the dead? Your own Mother would be seriously pissed off at YOU right now! And rightly so!And don't even go there about Quentin, I am horrified at what you have become. And, you can laugh all you like, I have seen the posts on ESMB, I am not stupid. You are seriously very sick. Get help!

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