Friday, 8 March 2013


For a long time now, and I have even given up counting the years I knew something was very wrong, very very wrong and why is that, because I speak out like I do. David Miscavige does NOT like that. Freezoners do NOT like that, in fact Scientologists DO NOT LIKE THAT! The fact is you either have the truth or you live a lie, right?

When I first started protesting Scientology I went along to Tottenham Court Road, totally or so I thought inconspicuously, i was handed this flyer.

So forget all these enhanced words that are meant to get to your reactive mind. What YOU should be looking for is the small print - * [Investors of people]
They have this logo:
File:Sea Org logo.svgminus the star.

But, we'll let them have this shall we, because they created the LAW!

I might appear to be stupid, but I am NOT.

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