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Scientology in Tonga


Beware Scientology Volunteers Ministers website:

Billion Year Contract:

Russia bans books

Source: BBC Monitoring / Radio New Zealand International
Date: October 4, 2007
Hundreds of Christian believers in Samoa from Pentecostal churches and ministries have marched in protest against the government's support of the Scientology religion. They marched to the front of the government building in Apia where Scientology tents have been put up as the main venue for its disaster training and seminars over the next two weeks.

The protesters have called on the government to reconsider its stance to allow the Scientology members into the country as they would try to persuade many Christian believers to join the scientologists.

Early this week, the chairman of the main council of churches, the Rev Oka Fau'olo, denied the council was supporting the goodwill visit by Scientology ministers. The chairman has warned the country to be very cautious of the organization's teachings.


I had never even heard of Tonga till it came up here today, Keep the Scientologist creeps away from your culture's and your children.Read and learn what the scientologists expect of you.They turn children into Zombies.


This promo here of the way to happiness booklets is before the TRs indoctrination (see top picture of kids in Haiti)after being given the way to happiness booklets. The kid in the middle is in Clearwater, Florida being handled by a handler. In other words being forced to do something she is very obviously not happy about. Make sure the kids in Tonga do not sign billion year contracts, the scientologists want your country, your children and your lives.Do NOT support "celebrities" that support Scientology.Sad to say but that is where a vast amount of money is made and it ends up in Scientology's coffers, supporting the abuses that run rife in scientology and always have done.Don't take my word for it, look for yourselves.A good family to look at would be the Ribisi's, they go back a long way, right back to the sixties and The People, and of course a more famous one Woody Woodward of David Bowie fame.

Now let's see, Five Years, I was 11 at the time and I am still here, I am nearly 56.

I am more inclined to think it was a very subtle but early piss take of L. Ron Hubbard in 1972

Big Brother

Interesting to see Mark Bunkers Knowledge report comes under this heading.

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