Thursday, 14 March 2013

Children are a Generality in the Sea Org

Compare this to "Your Life as Sperm or Egg"

and I quote good old Dianetics from Tony Ortega's blog:

Mama sneezes, baby gets knocked “unconscious.” Mama runs lightly and blithely into a table and baby gets its head stoved in. Mama has constipation and baby, in the anxious effort, gets squashed. Papa becomes passionate and baby has the sensation of being put into a running washing machine. Mama gets hysterical, baby gets an engram. Papa hits Mama, baby gets an engram. Junior bounces on Mama’s lap, baby gets an engram. And so it goes.


Engrams received as zygote are potentially the most aberrative, being wholly reactive. Those received as an embryo are intensely aberrative. Those received as the foetus are enough to send people to institutions all by themselves.

Is it any wonder David Miscavige turned out the way he did, is it any wonder Rathbun, but particularly Rinder turned out like he did? Is it any wonder Terri and Janis will not speak out? Is it any wonder Tommy Davis became so obnoxious? Is it any wonder I am mad as hell( I don't mean mad as in mental, I mean mad, down right angry). Even TruthSeeker managed to pick up on that one.Shame he can't apply it to himself.

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