Saturday, 23 March 2013

David Miscavige Made Me Do It

That, is some serious WTF? logic there – typical of a slavemaster.

*WTF is an acronym for what the fuck?
About 2 years ago, I wrote a brief and informal blog post called David Miscavige Made Me Do it. In that post, I was going over Scientology’s role as the Cult of Blame.
It is amazing how consistent the slavemaster-types are at altering certain truths in order to attempt to justify their erroneous methods and treatment of others – which of course are always billed as “scientific”, or “enlightened”, “logical”, or “from a higher level”.
Take this truth that I had simply detailed in my post:
This is not to say that one can’t, (and actually should in a lot of cases) expose in great detail another’s wrong actions, because those are most definitely that person’s responsibility. Or, to use a Scientology term – their Cause. Doing so is not blame.
Blame is transferring responsibility for what you did to the other person in spite of the truth that your actions are 100 percent your responsibility, and no one else’s.
Put that together with my more recent article, what makes abuse, ABUSE – this part:

ABUSE is action taken to try and change something in someone that should not be changed.

This can take the form of trying to force change OUT of something that should not be changed, to trying to force change INTO something that should not be changed into.
These are essentially the two main methods of ABUSE.

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