Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Still Mad as Hell.

A tribute to anonymous, the OG and everyone fighting the cult of $cientology.

Since early January, an Internet collective known only as Anonymous has been exposing the criminal activities and corrupt practices of the Church of Scientology (CoS) and its leadership. We do not oppose the rights of the "church's" membership to believe in the "religious" tenets of scientology. We oppose the illegal, immoral and deadly acts of its leadership including and maybe most importantly their attempts to suppress free speech on the internet.

The difference between myself and a lot of people is I do oppose the supposed"religious" tenets of Scientology, because I firmly believe these "religious tenets" are the route to all evil, I believe they cause massive trauma to those that follow them, I believe they make perfectly normal people mentally unstable and unable to lead a normal life and I believe that people whom are already unstable or for whatever reason mentally challenged are challenged beyond what they can endure.

So, when I read things like this I am dumbfounded:

and am relieved when I read this:by Frederic. L Rice.

Pulitzer Prize material! The law enforcement agencies involved at the time did not investigate the murder, but there have been other Scientology murders that have never been investigated, she was not the first nor the last.

I am even more endeared when I see things like this:

And... back to Big Brother...

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