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From: "Steve Manning"
Subject: UNFORTUNATEY...I was on the Sea Org with LRH in 1968
Date: 2000/03/08
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I was twelve years old and witnessed children younger than myself being
thrown into the chain locker ( a room for storing the anchor while at sea)
for days on end until they persuaded the ethics officer that they were not
enemies. Physical abuse of children was rife. Cold water hose-downs on the
deck at six in the morning was a common practice. Working twelve hour days
for little or no money. Sleeping in over crowded dormitories with strange
adults led to sexual abuse. And all this in the good name of Scientology. If
any of you sick fucks who are in the business today can explain why this
happened to me, especially while "God" himself was on board, I'll be happy
to know. Until then I'll continue to smear the name of Scientology, and all
that goes with it, with the shit and contempt it deserves.
If anyone would like more info. on the life and abuse that went on on the
evil ship as it sailed around the Mediterranean, I'll be happy to enlighten
Steve Manning

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