Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cruise Ship was 'a prison'

aca - A Current Affair's story on Ramana Dienes-Browning.


The story is out there and that's what matters, Tom Cruise's crazy "religion" is far more crazy than anyone could ever possibly believe.Unfortunately, you have to have been there.The reenactments are somewhat flimsy, but good on aca for trying.As for the pseudo naval church of mind bending psycho sermons, we've heard it all before.

The Church rejects suggestions made by SA Senator Nick Xenophon who again is fronting to the media without any facts to hand – in a continued campaign of religious vilification to incite fear and hatred against Scientologists and their Church. It’s time this discriminatory behaviour ceased.

The allegations raised by Senator Xenophon in the Senate have time and time again been proven to be false, and despite this, the Senator has not once apologised or publicly corrected the record for abusing parliamentary privilege to harm the Church of Scientology and its parishioners in Australia. To this date he has not accepted invitations to come and tour our Churches and speak with the many happy Scientologists who are contributing to their community.

Government officials, military personal, police and other dignitaries tour the Freewinds and 15,000 people from the islands went aboard the Freewinds last year alone. The Freewinds passes all of its international maritime inspections with flying colours. These officials have praised the Freewinds and its crew for their excellent service and safety. The US Homeland Security office publicly commended the Freewinds for its public service – and this is from officials who have worked closely with the Freewinds crew. They have been and looked and dealt many times with the Freewinds.

The Church yet again extends an open invitation to Senator Xenophon to visit our Church in Australia and speak with Scientologists and see for himself instead of relying on the hearsay of unreliable apostates and former disgruntled member."

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