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Sheila Huber's Story Part 2

I've brought this to the top of the page for now as this is a must watch for all.

Sheila Huber got into Scientology at the age of 16, a runaway teenager. Part 2 is a harrowing account of her life in Scientology and trying to raise a young son.Sheila was put on the RPF for going "Out2D".(For those that don't understand that, "Out2D" is illegal or immoral sex in Scientology language).In normal terms Sheila was a consenting adult female and had sex with a consenting adult male. For that she was required to have "sec checks" and put on the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force).Sheila wanted to route out, however she was told she had to do this through the RPF. At night she was still allowed to be with her infant son, however when she was then put on the RPF's RPF she was no longer allowed to see her infant son and had to sleep in the sump room, which is a facility for sumping all the feces through the building. She slept on a concrete floor, without blankets, mattress or any means of comfort.This is not a one off, this is common practise inside Scientology.


What Is the RPF?
This is from an interview with "church" spokesperson Tommy Davis on the ABC Four Corners program in 2010. The reporter is Quentin McDermott

Q. What is the RPF?
A. Ah the Rehabilitation Project Force is a program within the church’s religious order, um whereby Sea Org members who burn out on their jobs or um are are failing or incapable of or not performing well in their functions, um ah can be given the voluntary opportunity to um have a period of ah of reflection, rehabilitation, ah redemption, um making of amends ah within the religion as an alternative to being expelled from the church’s religious order.
Q. So it’s a punishment in fact?
A. Absolutely not. The rehabilitation project force is one of the oldest ah religious traditions. It it’s almost as old as religious orders themselves and it’s an opportunity for members of the church’s religious order to voluntarily um re-redeem themselves or or make amends or just simply recharge and get back in touch with the original, their original purpose in joining the church’s religious order and ah as such it involves um approximately five hours a day of study, um and of you know religious scripture within the church and then also ah then contributing back to the church itself through um different projects that may involve construction projects…
Q. . . .So hard…
A. …it could involve labour, um you know things like that, um whatever it may be at that time depending on where they’re working…
Q. …ah…
A. …something consistent with you know, with working in a religious order.
Q. Hard…
Q. Can I just pick up on that because…
A. Sure yeah, yeah…
Q. …um ah people have described it to us as ‘hard manual labour’.
A. Um the Rehabilitation Project Force is part of the church’s religious order and it’s a program that um that of redemption and renewal for members of the Sea Org. It’s done voluntarily and sometimes it’s even an alternative that’s given as an option to somebody who would otherwise possibly be expelled from the church’s religious order. Um I think I provided to ABC already an extensive actual expertise on the subject which was done by religious scholars who spent ah an enormous amount of time with um individuals both who were ah on the program, individuals who left the program without completing it, as well as individuals who did complete the program, people who remained in the Sea Organisation and otherwise and I think it covers extensively really the importance of it, um it’s religious nature, ah and how it’s conducted and why it’s conducted, um and it’s you know it’s from the viewpoint of a member of the Sea Organisation of which I am a member, and knowing friends of mine and fellowship members who have done the Rehabilitation Project Force, it’s something that we value a great deal um…
Q. Have you done it?
A. No I have not. No I have never took a…
Q. In correspondence with Four Corners you .....
A. . . .but I worked with and have very good friends who have done it and these are individuals that that I’d like to make available to Four Corners to interview. Ah people who have completed the program I think who could do, who could speak you know far better than I could about it.
Q. In correspondence with Four Corners, you describe it as ‘a private religious retreat’?
A. That’s correct.
Q. The descriptions we’ve had include ah descriptions such as ‘prison camp’ or ‘slave camp’. Those are just two of the descriptions. You seemed to be polls apart on that?
A. Absolutely I mean anybody who would describe Rehabilitation Project Force in those terms is somebody who’s literally just out to get the church, ah and is out to attack the Sea Organisation. You have to realise that people who would leave the Sea Organisation and turn around and attack it in the media, they’re attacking their friends. They’re attacking people that they lived and worked with, um who thought that they were working side by side with somebody...

Q. We’ve been told that those in the RPF are segregated from other staff. Why is that?
A. Um people who are doing the Rehabilitation Project Force, um are definitely on their own program, in the own space, in their own facilities because that’s the purpose of the program, um similar to other religious orders. It’s something that that ah that is part of the program and then they are doing it as for the purposes of rehabilitation. There seems to be some sort of confusion about this and I think it’s easiest explained in this way. Somebody who goes to Rehabilitation Project Force is doing so voluntarily. They’re there because they want to be. Um and ah in some cases they’re there as an alternative to being expelled from the church’s religious order or in some cases members of the Sea Organisation choose to and originate and volunteer and approach church staff and say you know I’d actually like to take a break and take some time off and go and do the Rehabilitation Project Force. It’s something that is held in high regard by members of the Sea Organisation. Um people who have done the program are respected, um and ah people who are on the program are given respect and are given the time and the ability and the resources to be able to ah take responsibility for or deal whatever it is that they want to deal with.
Q. Well is it giving them respect to make them use toilets that aren’t used by other people, to put them into different elevators? Is it ah giving respect to say that they can’t talk to their families; they can’t talk to other members of staff? Is it giving them respect to feed them the scraps left by other staff?
A. All of those things are false. Ah I completely deny that. That’s ridiculous ah and I I you know I can’t even accept that anybody would be saying that. I think it goes to the core of …
Q. . . .Do they eat with other staff?
A. No, they eat on their own. They eat as their own group, together as a group.
Q. Do they use all the same facilities as other staff?
A. Ah it depends. It would vary from church to church where the program is done. In some cases they have their facilities; in some cases they share facilities with the remainder staff…
Q. What…
A. …with remainder of the staff.
Q. What is the ‘RPF’s RPF’?
A. Ah it’s a program within the RPF, um that is for individuals who um have even messed up within the RPF.
Q. What occurs on it?
A. Um it depends. It varies from person to person, but it’s a continuation of what they’re already doing. It may be studying different materials, but again you know five hours a day of study and then and then the remainder of the time they would be doing whatever it would be. I think the key thing is to add here is that ah and just to go back to the point that I was trying to make earlier which is that the church is wholly uninterested in having individuals leave, attack their friends and people that they worked with, people that they worked side by side with, that thought that they were working with somebody that who was their friend and was equally dedicated to their religion as they were and those individuals now leave, attack the church and try and put the church in the position of having to defend itself or at having to answer via the media to people who have an axe to grind or reasons to go after the church, or who are trying to pervert and alter the truth of what occurred when they were part of the church to make it sound strange or weird and then use the media to try and get at the church and um because you’re continuing to bring to me allegations which don’t have a person attached to it, with a specific circumstance. So if you’re going to say to me, um you know the types of allegations that you’ve just listed off for me, I’d like to know who made those allegations, when they made them, when the incident occurred, any witnesses that they have to it and so on and so forth because then that gives the church the opportunity to investigate it, find out if it’s true, and deal with it if it’s in anyway inappropriate. Um the church is the first to look to investigate and correct any of its own failings and we do so far more thoroughly than the media or any outside organisation or entity and always have. We are a self-correcting organisation and we have the track record to prove it.


For more lies from corporate spokesman Tommy Davis see above link.Here's a few more lies from Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis:

And just so you can get both sides, here's Scientology's Freedom Magazine video explaining how the BBC and John Sweeney attacked Tommy Davis and Scientology:

The "Stepford Wives":

Jenny Linson/De Vocht married to Tom De Vocht:

Staff do not care about the people in front of them, they pretend to be civilized to public but the public are hated too, for not being on staff. Staff are more or less driven through deprivation and abuse into bizarre states of existance if not psycotic breaks. I had to sit up all night long to watch a young woman, Jenny DeVocht now Jenny Linson, after she went into a complete psycotic break. She wasn't the first.

Jenny Linson/De Vocht :Scroll about half way down.

Miscavige had the staffers line up at the diving board in their uniforms, and one by one, jump into the pool. Before each person went in, Norman Starkey, once the captain of the Apollo, called on them to be better spiritual beings. He recited a traditional Sea Org saying:
We commit your sins and errors to the deep and trust you will rise a better thetan.
Miscavige ordered the group to go to an office in their wet clothes and stay put until they figured out where they had failed.
Tom De Vocht says he can’t recall what angered Miscavige that chilly night early in 2005. But he well remembers the doubts that crept into his head as he sat wet and shivering.
What am I doing here?
De Vocht had joined the church with his mother when he was just 10 and rose to a top executive post at Scientology’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater. But in the months after that mass dunking, he no longer recognized the organization.


And now for Scarlett Hanna's story and back to Sheila Huber:

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