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1968 Revisited 'The Mind Benders'.

In 1968 Cyril Vosper was declared an SP after a comm ev ( committee of evidence). He had devoted 14 years of his life to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard since 1954.He wrote a book which Scientology tried to ban.

You must not read this book! It just might enlighten you as to what has been going on inside Scientology all along.Now let's see, who was in charge of Scientology in 1968? David Miscavige, who was only eight years old at the time?Or is there just a slim chance that L. Ron Hubbard was the authority?

And remember, anyone can believe anything they want to believe as long as it doesn't harm anyone.


TO: Those Concerned E.O. No. 729 WW, 388 SH,
FROM: HCO Exec Sec WW 9 EU, 1 SH FND.
SUBJECT: Declaration of Enemy. 2nd September, 1968
Recommendation of Comm Ev convened
on EO 727 WW

1. CYRIL VOSPER, 8 Newlands Crescent, East Grinstead, is declared in a
Condition of ENEMY.

2. He put stops in the way of mounting a Guardian Mission. By his own
admission before a Committee of Evidence he was guilty of failing to
immediately produce plans, and of failure to pass completed orders to
Exec Council and Alert Council members before copying or duplicating,
thus permitting a mission to depart with incomplete orders and causing
Dev-T to seniors and Mission Efficiency Experts.

3. He put stops on mission training of WW personnel by failing to take
responsibility for his post of Dissem Sec WW in that he

a. Failed to assign a deputy for his week end Foundation post or make
arrangements so that he would be free to take the training he needed to
become efficient in getting out missions. By failing to be part of the
WW training team he also effectively stopped remaining WW staff from
carrying out dummy missions and the resulting situation had to be handled
by a Sea Org member.

b. Failed to take responsibility to see that an Efficiency Expert was
trained for the Guardian Mission, sending the Expert home to "study in

4. Vosper is to apply the Enemy formula which is: "Find out who you really

5. He is not to be processed or trained.

6. Anyone connected to him is not to be processed or trained until he or
she has disconnected from him in writing.

Ken Urquhart,
Convening Authority.

Or was the authority Kenneth Urqhart on behalf of LRH?

If Hubbard were just one individual, he would be pathetic but avoidable. There are 5,000,000 Hubbards and in that quantity are not pathetic but menacing and very difficult to avoid.


"Find out who you really are?"

That is what the Ethics Order told me to do.

"Vosper is to apply the Enemy formula which is: 'Find out who you really are.'"

No good writing to Ken Urquhart and telling him, "Look, Ken, I've known you for years. You know who I am".

Hubbard and all his peculiar extensions - Scientologists - wanted me to say, "I AM A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON!"

I wrote it down on a piece of paper, trying to get conviction into the very ink. I was sitting on a bench in Hyde Park, near Speaker's Corner. People were walking up and down. They did not know there was an Enemy of all Mankind in their midst. I felt quite famous.

It was not sufficient to just write down, "I AM A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON" and send that in. Oh, no. These Scientologists want a total confession of all the dreadful things you have done in your life. If you know any, they want dreadful things from earlier lives too! They want you to completely degrade yourself. To admit you are one of the Enemies of Mankind.

I started writing. I've done lots of really lousy things. I cheated at school once. I thought L. Ron Hubbard was an idiot, often. I got angry with my children, sometimes. When I was seven, I had fired an arrow at a cat.

There were dozens of things like this and when I read it over, I realised what a tame life I had led. I hadn't made any mountains of skulls like Attila the Hun, not even a small pile of skulls. When I was twelve I had smoked some cigarettes that had been stolen by another boy. Maybe that was "Receiving Stolen Property".

I felt much better when I had finished my long list. I really was not an Enemy of Mankind.
Should I send it in? Or was it all such complete nonsense that I would be wiser to ignore the Scientologists?

But the children; what would they think of me if I didn't try to get back into Scientology? I posted it to Ken Urquhart.

Over the following six weeks, I sent in another five of these applications of the Enemy Formula. I got more and more imaginative every time. In the end I was able to picture myself as one of the most evil beings ever to have inhabited the physical universe. It did not do any good though.

I kept getting extraordinary letters from Peter Warren, telling me to "Find out who you really are". They were not going to up-grade me. But, by now, I really did not want them to.

In the end I decided that I would not act out this idiocy any longer and went back to see my children.
The next day I was declared a Suppressive Person. Per Gardstrom, International Ethics Officer, World Wide, found me in the Lower Hall working and handed me HCO Ethics Order 729 WW (World Wide), 388 SH (Saint Hill), 9 EU (Europe), 1 SH FND (Saint Hill Foundation). He did not give me time to read it.

"Get off the premises right away," he said.

"But my children are here somewhere. I must see them and say goodbye."

"Get off the premises right away."

"One day you'll have children, Per. I hope you will then remember what you have just said. I hope you will feel very proud of yourself," I said.

not having acquired previously the condition of
being charged, and not being recognized such fell accusations in our judicial
ordinance, the participation of these accused persons in the commission of the
crimes which said private accusation imputes to them not ensuing either from
the documental evidence or
from the balance of from the formal actions practiced, whereby, in accordance
with what is disposed in article 641, 2' of the Law of Criminal Prosecution,
the provisional abatement of the lawsuit with respect to the accused Kurt
Weiland, Per Ake Gardstrom, William Knight and Peter Warren.

John Caban
Pedro Lerma et al. ? All complainants in the Spanish Criminal case
were harassed incessantly and offered settlements to drop their original complaints, I was in telephone contact with one of the complainants, an American named John Caban, a jeweler, who also put Pedro Lerma (no direct relation that I know of) on the telephone one time. After all the other complainants had been harassed into accepting scientology's settlement offers.. John called me and related the amount of pressure he was under, and the fact he was the last man standing...he sounded apologetic, almost ashamed, that he could not stand alone, which brings up another point, no man can stand alone against organized fascist tactics, it takes your support to keep going. Every target of Scientology they wish to handle is subject to a campaign to isolate them, until they feel alone.. this tactic reduces the cash pay outs of scientology necessary to silence their enemies. So don't think that what you do, has no effect. Doing and saying NOTHING is what aids Scientology's campaign for SILENCE.

David Miscavige bragged about this during the 2002 new years event, saying that even when the prosecution called its own witnesses "Scientology Worked" -

Meister asked Warren if he could see Ron Hubbard. He knew that Hubbard's daughter, Diana, was about Susan's age. In Meister's own words:
Passing the guarded gates into the port compound, we had our first look at Hubbard's ship, Apollo. It appeared to be old, and as we boarded it, the girls manning the deck gave us a hand salute. All were dressed in work type clothing of civilian origin. Most appeared to be young. Upon boarding we were shown the stern of the ship, which was used as a reading room, with several people sitting in chairs reading books. The mention of Susan seemed to meet disapproval from those on board .... We were shown where Susan's quarters were in the stern of the ship below decks where it appeared fifty or so people were sleeping on shelf type bunks. Susan's letter had mentioned she shared a cabin all the way forward with one other person. Next we were shown the cabin next to the pilot house on the bridge where the alleged suicide had taken place. It was a small cabin and appeared to be one where a duty officer might catch some sleep while underway .... We were not allowed to see any more of the ship .... I requested an interview with Hubbard as he was then on board. Warren said he would ask .... He returned in about a half hour and said Hubbard had declined to see me.
Meister and Galbraith returned to Casablanca. Meister found that the thirty or so films he had been carrying with him had disappeared, including the film he had shot of Sail and the Apollo.
As I was preparing to leave the hotel [to take the flight home], the telephone in my room rang. It was Warren who said he had to see me at once on a matter of utmost urgency. I told him I would see him in the lobby .... Warren came into the lobby a very frightened man. His face was pale and he motioned me to a chair in the corner of the lobby... he told me he was sent to make a settlement with me in cash.

A critique by Kenneth Urqhuart of Jon Attack's book.

18. p.207. Jon raises the matter of the death of Susan Meister, and strongly suggests that foul play caused it. I never heard LRH mention foul play. By the time of this incident, we had GO people on the ship, and that office took charge of the investigation and handling of her terrible end. If they had proof of foul play it is conceivable that they would have withheld it - but not from MSH and I doubt extremely that she would have withheld it from LRH. It is possible that LRH would have withheld it from me.
I was involved unknowingly in Susan Meister's situation. A week or so before her death, she had written to LRH asking his permission for her to leave the ship and return home. At that time, his policy on such was to refuse (it varied). I composed a reply to this effect and included it in his mail for signature. He signed it. He was considerably put out when I reminded him of this - he had signed the reply without reading it or its original request (and this was not unusual practice for him - I should have known better). From then on, I put a warning note on any similar reply composed for him to sign.
Further, on Susan Meister: Jon quotes some letters she wrote home in high enthusiasm about Scientology and what she took to be the mission of the Sea Org. He quotes them as examples of how gullible SO members were. We had a number of people on the ship who came without a great deal of education but with at least some experience of street drugs (I don't know if Susan had a drug history or not; she was certainly not well educated). Finding themselves on the ship, and sometimes with menial jobs and very unattractive berthing, some of them let their imaginations run wild, and their false enthusiasms flap. Many of them graduated through that phase to some maturity and, in some cases, great ability. I believe that Susan Meister was unable to face the growth that staying on the ship challenged her to encompass; I will always deeply regret that her cry came through me, and I chose to adhere to the current policy rather than to hear her, listen to her, and help her in compassion and good sense.

Compassion and good sense don't seem to be compatible with Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard lovers unite:

Jerry Armstrong talks about the most shocking aspect of Scientology:

But to this day independents,freezoners, indies, whatever the hell you want to call them and I call them true blood Scientologists will tell you stupid stuff like this:

SZ: Listening to you, it sounds as if Hubbard had been harmless. Ronald DeWolf, who passed away in 1991 and was the oldest son of the Scientology founder, described his father in an interview as a sadistic, violent and paranoid occultist, who in contrast to his own teachings of purity had drunk a lot of alcohol and also taken drugs.

Rinder: First of all, I know that Nibs (editorial remark: De Wolf's nickname) has later taken back these statements. And secondly, I myself have spent a lot of time with Hubbard, as much as few others. He was the most brilliant person I ever got to know. Yes, he was moody at times and he could get angry when something went wrong. But was it always like that? No. Did he treat people like Miscavige? Not one bit. Did he care for his family? Absolutely. Did he take drugs? Absolutely not. Was he polite? Incredibly. Was he funny? Very much so.

From an interview with Mike Rinder.
There are many people that should be speaking out, but they won't.

Here's one guy that deserves a lot of respect for speaking out:

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