Sunday, 13 November 2011

Scientology - A Household Name.

Become a pentecostal Scientologist, become a Christian Scientologist, become a Buddhist Scientologist, become a Jewish Scientologist, become a Muslim Scientologist,become a Catholic Scientologist, become a Mormon Scientologist,become a Hari Krishna Scientologist,become a Jehovah's Witness Scientologist. What's the common denominator here? Become a Scientologist.

Scientology, not only above the Law, but above all other religions and cults.

You can be any denomination you want, as long as you are a scientologist.This takes on a whole new meaning of the term 'world order'.
Mother's Death a Distraction.

Regging for Donations.

The church said, "Ministers soliciting donations from their congregation is not only appropriate, it is a constitutionally protected form of religious activity."

New "religions" hate the word CULT.

Wake up World.

This next video is a Scientology promotional one.
The insidiousness of this video, is that everything it homes in on, is the lure of the drug Scientology.

Get educated and inform yourself of the TRUTH about Scientology and it's front groups.

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