Tuesday, 15 November 2011

CIFS - Cult Information and Family Support.

A Conference was held in Canbera about Cults on the 2 November 2011. A speech by Georges Fenech, the President of  Miviludes in France has been translated into English and is on the CIFS website.

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An excerpt from Paul Schofield's story

I’ve tried, with several friends, to help those in particular who’ve suffered internment in Scientology’s re-education camps. One I spoke to had told their story to their GP and then to the psychiatrist that the GP had referred this person to, and neither had believed the story. It’s unreal to most people that such things could happen in such a seemingly civil society as ours. It’s unreal to think that someone could work 20, 30 40 years of their life for a group and then be dismissed or leave with no house, superannuation, savings or possessions except for a few clothes. Yet it happens. I see or hear about the victims of this regularly. And my heart bleeds every time. 

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More personal stories of people whom have been abused by a cult, different cults, but there are Scientology stories including one from Feral on ESMB, someone else I am familiar with.

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