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John Duigan, his time in Scientology.

We now invite John Duigan to the floor.

Please let me correct the misapprehension that I am a lecturer at CC. I don't, I'm a mere undergraduate.
(Some parts are very difficult to understand, so I will put in brackets, question marks, where I can not understand said word).

Erm, It was some number of years ago in a forum,(?) he wrote up this little blurb.

He Said " I joined a religion, started by a science fiction writer, that used a double cross as it's symbol and then he tried to sell me a bridge,what could possibly go wrong?"

OK, now I erm. OK. I've dedicated very little head space to Scientology, all that,or L. Ron Hubbard. Very much trying to a lot of space between myself and my post with Scientology, even though I'm with the ex scientologists. I think that's wonderful. But, I suppose I had better try and present my case by presenting them with a vision ex,If you like. OK. So, It's a more personal description, it's like belief within the Sea Org.

Now, I went through a very, very tough period when I got out of Scientology, but what helped me was the love and help and encouragement from family and friends(?) dedicating and practical concern and assistance from various departments of state,HSC, social welfare and ESDC and effective education has inspired me. Now these public servants put  me on my feet, and helped me to build a life from the wreckage, erm that was left from my life when I left Scientology. Now I want to provide the prospective of a person in the rank and file who lived his life according to executive codes of a sea org member for 22 years. Now I lived in a place where breathing was down tone and frowned upon, where critical analysis or questioning the voracity of all sea org orders, or even the sharing of disagreements of managers were all punishable offences, the minimum being that the perpetrator would be subjected to an extensive and invasive sec check, which is a kind of metered interrogation, it's the best way I can describe it. But, it's definitely invasive.

Now I recall being under full blown Scientology arrest. I was held in a cell, guarded night and day by baton wielding security guards. Er, and this was actually over Christmas and the New Year. I remember being frog marched by these guards where I was took into a little room, where I was screamed at, verbally abused and interrogated, accused of all kinds of things(?) and marched back to the cell in the tower. This was not stasi, (?) Germany of the 70s and 80s. This was the lovely and respectable Southern England in the 1990s.

This was a place where married couples were forced to the Ethics Department for any off policy actions from their partner, be that sex acts being considered perverted or proposals to leave the sea org discussed in confidence with their spouses.Those reports were written up and handed into the Ethics Department, behind the backs of the partner.

This was a place that collected files and files and files of the most personal details of every single scientologists life. Contained in these files and cross referenced them with names and addresses of  family members, parents, school friends and long forgotten brothers.(?)

This was a place that when I woke up to the extent of the scam and corruption, I fled and had to go into hiding in the mains(?) of the factories and cafes that make up the squalor of post industrial Birmingham.Living with people that were on the run from Police and from gangs and contacted my family in Ireland by subterfuge to arrange passage out of (?)estopia. Finding that my former sea org, security colleagues had got there before me and that my terrified foster Mother asked me not to call the house because two sea org members had been parked outside the house,had knocked on the door, asked where I was and followed her into town and somehow knew my sister-in-laws address, and had no problem accosting her and my toddler nephew with a similar complaint and (?).

This is a place where fear and intimidation rule and YES an ever present threat of violence, where tools were used to keep the happy scientologist front going and money flowing into Lichtenstein, Swiss and Burn bank accounts, attested to by suitcases of cash for a sea org friend of mine boasted on loading onto the Paris born Concorde as he made his way to 'you've got the money, we ask no questions' tax havens.

This is a place where a new sea org recruit could be(?) a happy go lucky(?) town go men, newly wed with a gorgeous girl whom I saw in Los Angeles, who was now posted in England, seven years later in Vancouver, Canada, out of the sea org, dark and depressed, unemployed and his wife was forced to have an abortion. Attempted suicide and they were ordered to divorce. I don't know what else had happened to him up there, I don't know, didn't have time to ask him,erm, had to catch a plane. That glorious spark inside him was gone.

This was a place where a person struggling with depression and mental illness and indeed physical illness was labeled a downstat, a degraded being and was shunned by the upstat, uptone scientologists.

This is where a friend of mine called Alice seperated from her lover and consigned to something called the RPF, some kind of prison camp is the best way to describe that. She swallowed half a bottle of paint thinner, jumped from a roof. We were ordered by the public relations people to say she slipped on the steps, I don't know how they explained to the Council why her lower intestine was in tatters, but she now(?) at the age of nineteen was shipped off to Italy to be cared for by her Mother as soon as they could move her.

Er, this is where, this is where a policy called 'Power of Responsibility of Leaders' detailed how to behave and to act with close to or real power when close to a rel power(?) be L. Ron Hubbard and flowing power to him, with L. Ron Hubbard source. I will to my dying day, will(?) to my conscientiousness that statement "see those pink legs over there,she didn't like me, so why are you bothering me with it", this is an actual Hubbard quote from a policy that all scientologists reads, you can look it up.The policy continues where Hubbard as a self American Dictator rounding up all the lepers in the city and loading them onto barges and telling them they are off to a fine Island designated just for them, and then blowing up the barges in it's(?). This policy letter is praising(?) and advising future scientology leaders to take note. And, I do not need to word clear the policy, it says exactly what it says.

Now when a child growing up in corporate psychosis, a child in the sea org is consigned to what  is called the cadet org, where they are trained to become sea org members, now I know a group of children that the English (parents?) to, that did not see their children for six to eight months at a time and then only for a week. The parents were too busy on projects in Florida or some other remote location. The OSA PR would come to(??) organize a bus for the kids and then dress them up in jolly T-shirts, with little bags and then run them down to London, where the'd hand out the 'way to happiness' booklets, where they would pose for photo opportunities in front of the Houses of Parliament. The photos were performed for Freedom magazine which gets directed to MPs, Councilors, Police and Charitable Commissioners.

I (???,cough, cough)awful place in Los Angeles while he was in a mission in Austria.I would get work for training from 9 O'clock in the morning, so he'd drop the child down at the cadets org in the morning and pick up the sleeping bundle again at midnight, when I got back.I took the kid to the beach for Christmas day, that was our only day off and I tried to get a phone call to his Dad(??,cough)the kid was six years old. His Mother had been declared an SP about two years before, and had no contact or access what so ever with that child. Now, I must say, erm, there's a couple of things I want to say. One is the story of a good friend of mine, she's a teenage girl, er, was going through some difficulties about those things teenage girls go through, now this was related by herself, as I was talking to her recently.

Now, I knew her as a kid before she disappeared, and, or as younger kids.Her sister had been dragged into the sea org, by the freshly recruited sea org parents with their fixed and dedicated glares, and dumped into the cadet org.This young girl went through all the emotional depriviation of Hubbard and his people, seemed to think that a child should go through in order to become a thinking and meaning (tool?). By the age of 13, this beautiful young girl was rebelling as teenagers do, but she had a lot of reasons to do so.Now, her sister had tried to escape going to the local Council to get help,asking for a care order and rehousing. The Council had scientologists working in it and they took her back to St. Hill and the OSA handlers.She spent the next few years in an RPF camp in America. Now, the legal (workers?cough) worked out her younger sister was too much trouble.The thirteen year old girl was declared a Suppressive Person, legal PR and what's called HCO staff told the parents that they could be with the child and care for her, or it could be more realistic (?).There's no such thing as a child in Hubbard's world, just an adult in a small body.Now, that's what appliedin this case.The parents chose to remain in the Sea organization or sea org posts,didn't even say goodbye to the daughter. At 8pm, OSA took her to the train station with no passport, no papers, gave her £40 and put her on a train to London and told her to never come back.

Now, I don't want to get too much into how she slipped into night clubs, after the first night on the streets, and the first rape, picking up people (????) and getting them to take her home for sleep, petty drugs(??), drug pushers and petty thieves and she made a life of sorts in that world. She only recently went through drug rehab in Thailand. She's back in England now and doing much better. When I saw her Mother again, her Mother was too frail to stay in the sea org and she was dumped out onto Social Services.

This once little girl confronted her Mother with this story. The Mother nodded, acknowledged her daughter and tried to get her daughter to buy more of Hubbard's new released books.

Thank you very much indeed!

The above is the transcript of John Diugan's speech in Ireland on the 27th 0f October, 2011.There are some words missing due to back ground noise and coughing. Sorry about that.Will go over it again when I have more time.

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