Monday, 24 October 2011

This Is England.

This is England , a green and pleasant land or so we are lead to believe.

On the 22nd of October somewhere in leafy sussex, a private function was held in honor of Mike Rinder who had come to England for a visit. Mike Rinder was until 2007, a notorious head honcho for the "church" of Scientology. Scientology is renowned for going after and making one's life hell if you dare to become a defector.Over the years it has done some of the most outrageous things to people in order to stifle them from speaking out and defecting from this criminal organization.
Harassment by members of the Church of Scientology:

Mike Rinder knows this only too well as he used to do similar operations on defectors and critics of Scientology.Mike grew up in Scientology from the age of six and this is what Scientology does to it's children.

Loyalist Op:

Brian Daniels on 4Thought TV - Channel 4.
You can also see Brian in Ax's video, the two top one's on this post.

Brian Daniel's thinks he works for a Human Rights organization, that organization is Scientology.He thinks Scientology can cure mental illness. Scientology causes Mental illness, as has been proven time and again by many defectors stories.

Scientology - What are your Crimes:

John Duigan talking about his 22 years in Scientology.

Chilling Propaganda tape for Parents:

Tory Magoo gives Testimony  outside St. Hill Manor, East. Grinstead, a couple of years ago.

Never fails to bring tears to my eyes when watching that.

Scientology and Me Part 2(Panorama).
The Secrets of Scientology Part 2(Panorama)

Off topic, but yet another way to groom young children, another Panorama program, another way of life, another destructive abuse of young children's lives:
Britain's Child Beggars:
Yet another way to make money, and get other people to make more money.

As I said, England, a green and pleasant land.

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