Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sea Org at Gold.

I have posted this video before, but I am going to do so again, with still photo's from it.This for me is the epitomeof the Sea Org and it's been going on now since 1967. OK, so this is in America, 2011. The Sea Org is based all over the world and it is happening in a place near YOU, in 2011.

See this comment here by Chuck Beatty:

  • The sleaveless lady at 00.41, with short black hair, is Ute Sheen. She was on the RPF when I was on it, back in the 1990s. Later, the gray haired man in the trench digging, with the other man with him, that last pair, doing "trenching", this absolutely looks to me like punishment work, for staff, likely the "Comps" staff who are behind quotas, or similar. Gray haired man looks like Bob Ferris. Working in their "working blues", and NOT dressed in proper "renos" clothing, means punishment

In England where I live, there Is St. Hill, LRH's old home and Head Quarters for Scientology in the UK.Again, this is set in the countryside, surrounded by woodland and trees, so it is not easy to see what is going on inside the grounds.There have been many reports over the years of people being held against their will.And many that are so blindsided by indoctrination, they don't even realize they are slaves to a dead man's fantasy of being rich and famous.They believe it to be a religion. There is nothing ecclesiastical about ripping people off, both of their money and their minds.

So why is a girl half their age or more wielding a baton?

12/13 year olds in Sea Org 2011.
Many kids that went to Greenfields School, Forest Row, East Sussex end up at Flag. 
How many years have some of these elderly people been stuck in this oppressive environment?

To be continued.....

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