Monday, 17 October 2011

Don't Speak, Don't say!'t say anything, it might get you shunned! In this day and age, you are not allowed to speak your mind. At work , at home or at play keep your mouth shut, for you are not allowed an opinion. Your boss won't allow you an opinion, your children won't allow you an opinion and Scientology certainly does not allow you an opinion.

Keep your mouth shut!

Do not react, do not display, do not talk even amongst your own friends for that is termed as a liability.

It's against the norm!

I am a freak!

Did I ask for this? NO!

Did I want this? NO!

Have you ever grown up in the most vilified ever imagined cult?

Don't talk about it, because people don't want to know.

You might just upset their equalibrium.                                                 

Don't want to do that do YOU, might make them think!

Heaven forbid, don't think for yourself, just do!

That's the norm isn't it?

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