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IAS - 14th October 2011.

Today we(Hartly,Tony,Terril, Axiom and myself) protested outside of St. Hill Manor.The sun was shining, flags were waving and bagpipe music repeated itself all afternoon.

Dismayed as I was to see a freezone sign being branded, Tony more than made up for it, with his relentless "Get your cheques and credit cards out, your going to need them, it's Davy's pay day".Tony repeatedly invited the scientologists to come out and meet an OT VIII outside. None took up the offer. Tony also informed me that apparently in the Freezone you can get OT VIII for £10,000 instead of the inflated prices in the "multi corporational church". I promised him he could have for free. So here is the start: Don't want to get you all restimulated too soon now do we;

Is it seriously any wonder that "church" officials deny this stuff even when they do know about it.
Here's a completion especially for Tony; you're gonna love this:
A quick trip, following the route to St. Hill, courtesy of Axiom:
St. Hill - Rubbish: So is it Clearing the Planet or Dumping on the Planet?
Scientology's very own Jazz Band  - The Jive Aces:
Here's Tony doing his stuff in 2009:

The Police were present and very pleasant, leaving us to our own devices.

The pots of pansies were replaced this year with pots of holly interspersed with another shrub to keep us from being opposite the entrance.These were about 5ft high, boarded in and topped up with wood chip to make it look like they had planted a hedge.It didn't work, we found a couple of gaps and found we had a raised platform from which to protest on.Thank You OSA.We couldn't of done it without you.

A few horns honked and several thumbs up, including a delivery guy who entered St. Hill.Plenty of empty seated vans went in, the usual "Industry of death" trucks in a foreign language, I think Italian and the ever important limousine, nobody in it, but it looked good.

As we were leaving, a couple of coaches arrived with Italian people who all piled into St. Hill.Ax and I went down to the lower gate to talk to a scientologist, at least we think he was, but he wouldn't admit it.He declined to talk to us and kept telling Ax he was talking to himself.Whilst this one way conversation was taking place, Ax spotted a tree disguised as a man with a bloody great camera.

Earlier on in the day I was disappointed not to see Janet Laveau hiding behind a tree, this man more than made up for it.

As we set off to go home, Ax spotted the tree man hiding once more, you've guessed it, he was behind yet another tree.As always the scientologists did not let us down with their antics of covert surveillance.

There was another incident, but I'll let Ax fill you in on that with his video.
Ax's video of a scientology security guard grabbing his new camera and walking off with it.

Great to see you all again, all in all a good day!

Pictures of the protest can be seen here:

Scroll down to bottom.
Here's Jens' report for the 15th October.

jensting, posting on WWP, wrote:
Right, back on the 'net!

pics starting at . No good ones, sorry, busy getting my phone grabbed :(

An randomer stormed over, right after we had started letting lose with Rick Astley and shouted that we had to stop the music, that we were waking his baby and that he "would fucking kill you" (directed at another protester) if we didn't turn the sound down.

This was at 12:20 - ish on a busy day in the middle of the high street. You could hear the musc, but inside a car, say, it could have been less loud than the car stereo.

Especially if the car was parked 50m - ish away, as his car was. He - the randomer - went back to the car, took a child out, picked it up and walked back to us. I had started videoing with my phone, since this had all the hallmarks of a Bad Situation. The randomer stormed right up to me, stopped close up, grabbed my phone and yelled at the top of his lungs "YOU KICKED MY BABY!" and threw my poor old phone into the far of two lanes of busy traffic. He then pulled back (as did I) while he was interacting with the general populace (who were going WTF!); I was encouraging the protesters to ring the police. One minute ago.

The police got there. By that time, the randomer had left(!), gone back past where his car was. We explained the situation to the police, a police man and I went in search of the car and were directed to the correct one by a member of the public who had seen the whole thing and gave a statement to the policeman. I then went with the police to the station.

On the way to the station, the best thing happened: The police men got a radio call and turned around, ending up driving after the randomer with the sirens blaring, pulling him over and having a chat after which one policeman drove back to the station with me and the other in the randomer's car with the randomer, the baby and someone else (who had been in the car, on the mobile phone - not driving). This was barely a chase, the siren only had to be used to make a couple of extra overtaking manoeuvres and the perp was driving along quietly.

That said, being in a police car, sirens blaring driving after the guy who just tried to take a swing at me, that was excellent!

It almost made up for the sick feeling at the bottom of my stomach at the thought that someone would complain about noise (hmm, well, OK), go get a baby, walk back with that baby and get VERY CONFRONTATIONAL while holding that baby. And then walk away.

More news as the police get back to me. Needlessly to say, I'm pressing criminal charges as much as I can.

A clam with a baby sent our friend Non the clown to hospital for a fortnight when he and three of his clam friend pushed Nono to the ground and kicked him in the head.

Ah, well, the mobile phone survived (a Samsung Nexus S, I'm not affiliated with Samsung, but I'm now a customer who is somewhat more impressed with the solidity of the product)

I know what it is with East Grinstead. It's the same stuff that happened years ago, half way down.

tl;dr Always have several video cameras running. Do not break this rule. Look at San Fran raids to see how it's done. This time, we failed to have redundant cameras, and we were lucky that my one camera did not in fact get broken.

The clams were snappy at St Hill this year (see earlier report), you know where to be next year!

Best Regards


Pictures of creepy man in black:Covert camera guy.Scroll down.

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