Saturday, 1 October 2011

Thank You for Listening.........

There really was very little L. Ron Hubbard was not an authority on.He was an astounding science fiction writer with a naval background that would put the Royal Navy to being a real navy. He was an authority on world wide religion and after deciding that writing for a penny a word was slave labour, he took his authority one step further and started his own religion.Not content with stealing your mind and replacing it with a reactive mind, which was his, he took to movie making  and becoming a hit in the pop world.

Roll over Beethoven, We Stand Tall could become the next big hit:

Losing Control:Mass hysteria makes money!

The Road to Freedom:

But truth is truth,
And if they then decide to live with lies,
That's their concern, not mine, my friend,
They're free to fantasize...

And now for a bit of Squirrelled music:Galactic Patrol

Aside the humour, this is actually very sad, many of the scientology squirrels have completely lost their marbles, such is the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard.A Squirrel in Scientology jargon is someone who continues with L. Ron Hubbard technology outside of the "official church".

Now this is funny:

Ron the Science fiction writer.

One of the biggest, out in your face front groups for Scientology promotion:Narconon Promoters:
The Bridge:
I am a Scientologist:
Jive Aces at St. Hill Manor:Freewinds Maiden Voyage Event, where the basics were released.
Jive Aces in Ireland.

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