Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lets have a scientology Mashup

They say a picture tells a thousand words and none more so than this picture, we have Yvonne Gillham /Jentsch(notice Heber in the far right hand corner)looking as happy as they come yet she died a year later...yet we have Dianna looking the worst I have ever seen her, glazed over, not in this world, did not want to be there. And look who we have sitting on the right, next to Yvonne. Anyone recognize her?

You have got to remember I knew Dianna Hubbard and I( remember when she was madly in love with Nate Jessop}, she sure as hell did not look like that.A mere glimmer of her former self, but then she'd done OT iii hadn't she. Poor kid, never stood a chance in hell.

Speaking of Nate Jessop, what exactly was the scientology op of the guy from Sweden who tried to convince me I had it wrong, it wasn't Nate that is still in scientology it was Amos...this was at the Dublin Conference beret guy...Justin...well now you are Justout...Swedish obviously don't think I have got's all in the eyes...

Have you forgotten the Mormons...Nate Jessop...

Heavy shit, HUH!

Don't associate yourself with them, Huh!

You really can't make this shit up, I wish i could because I could probably make a fortune...just like L. Ron Hubbard did.

Getting back to reality... Marty Rathbun and Mike's about time you gave credence where it is due...give Gerald Armstrong the rights he deserves and give him the right to go back to America as a FREE MAN! If ever there was a man that deserves this, it is him...but YOU denie him that right because of your indoctrination in a cult...YOU say you have have NOT! YOU are still there...For the same reasons my own Father could NEVER speak out...CULPABILITY...YOU do not fool me and you sure as hell freezes over do NOT fool Gerry Armstrong...
From the Introduction to the Armstrong Op

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