Thursday, 6 November 2014

$cientology it ain't working

It ain't working, I saw what you did to my Father, a religion...fuck off!!!

You sec checked him into oblivion, he did not know whether he was coming or going...he did not know what time of of day it was  but he did know about the Alestair Crowley connection, when I asked him why did he not rescue me, he said "sharone, you have to understand, these people are all involved, they have people in the police force, in all walks of life, magistrates, judges, media...and there you have it"...even I did not believe it , but it is all true...

This is a man that abandoned me at sea at the age of eleven, that rescued me at the age of three from a Mother that was detrimental to my upbringing, beggars belief, doesn't it? Obviously not! It's a common trait!

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