Saturday, 15 November 2014

Death Lessons

from Scandal of Scientology (Cooper)


MH files: A very defensive letter from Elron


So, who was Ray Kemp, who was not at that time in very good standing with scientology.I actually vaguely remember Ray and his wife Pam and they seemed to be in pretty good standing to me at this time, but hey, we need a scapegoat...nothing to do with me...said L. Ron Hubbard...

Scientology in the U.K. [part 1] - Solitary Trees

Hubbard on Lord Balniel and Harry Thompson

Death that A THREAT?

 I learned from a very early age how people can manipulate you to conform to what they want...don't talk about this...lets talk about that...I personally Did Not know Julie Blundell, however I DID know Claire Popham. The original Commodores Messengers were Terri Gillham, Janis Gillham, Suzette Hubbard, Claire Popham and Myself, Sharone Stainforth, It would appear I am the only one speaking out here. what does that tell you? I am the only one that really left...

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