Friday, 14 November 2014

Janis Gillham

Remember sitting side by side, to keep warm in the hold, and we had to sit up because there was not enough space to lay you remember that...Hana Eltringham/Whitfield sat above decks at the time and believe it or not it was her smiling face that got me through it...she did help me leave in a peculiar liability formula kept coming back to me...repeatedly...because I hated the bastard...what kind of bastard would do that? Repeatedly!I was up on decks trying to get people to sign my liability formula and Alan Vos said I was unworthy,the same guy that spent much of his time sending LRH telexes around the world.And as a Commodores Messenger I was sent away, because I was not privy to source., source was utter bollachs, they locked my Father in a cupboard at Abellund, they being Joe van Staden and Jill van Staden, who rushed me away into a Denmark boutique to have me crying because my Father was a declared Suppressive.

I searched the  grounds of Abbelund for days after he had left, and I found myself screaming NO, WHY? You have to have been there and you were not, so you have no idea, NO idea at all

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