Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What is hiding...scientologists are hiding

Well once upon a time it was L. Ron Hubbard. Now it is the Gillham children, they are all in hiding...NO they are are ALL in Hush puppy money...a fortune to keep them Shumpt! And why won't they speak out? Because they have been given 'hush money'. and I call upon Hana Eltringham/Whitfield who knows damn well this is the case. You were my jailer, stuck in liability on the Apollo, my liability formulas thrown out because I would NOT admit to being a liability.. I spoke to Greek boys , we could barely get past names, yet I was a liability at the age of 11,in 1968.

What happened to the babies, Hannah, from the Germany conference?

So when you are speaking from the Clearwater conference 2014, will you explain what happened to the babies?

Will you explain what happened in 1968 when 2 of the Commodores Messengers were put in Liability? Will you explain this?

EXPLAIN to me how you sat there in your SUPERIOR desk and made children chip the sides of the bowels of a ship in punishment for talking to Greek boys, explain it!

I want to know...

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