Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I believe somebody wanted proof ... .... ...

Funny thing about this is it has been missing for several years now and I thought it had been thrown out by mistake, I have searched high and low and did not find it, but purely by accident came across it recently and it does prove beyond reasonable doubt I was aboard the Apollo.Everything I have said is absolutely accurate, barring a few mix ups in dates, as I was a young kid and it was a long time ago. Dates and times are not my thing...however I am not a Male, which certain authorities seemed to think I was and also I do not have green eyes, they are blue, but so is the sky isn't it? Maybe it is Green....or maybe my Father was colour blind when he filled out my passport form...who knows? All I know is I was aboard the Royal Scotsman/Apollo and what I have said is as accurate as I remember and I do remember it well!

I want to see $cientology abolished, as in NO MORE...LRH tried to destroy me and my family as he did so many others, well he did destroy my family and I won't sit back and watch him destroy anymore. even though he his long DEAD! What kind of world do we live in...that this can continue...?

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