Sunday, 20 April 2014

Operation Trojan Horse

I got a 'deja vous' moment yesterday...

 This photo is on the island of Curacao, the people and Sea Orgers (scientology's elite) are celebrating 25 years of their flagship Freewinds visiting this small island.This is this year.

source:pages 27 and 28

Tracking Of The Freewinds

Now let's go back some years...

This photo was taken on the island of Corfu, the people and the Sea Orgers (scientology's elite) are celebrating the re naming of L. Ron Hubbard's fleet of ships ingratiating the Greek junta.Instead of dancers, we had marchers and a band.Guess who was marching in this 'religious' navy? So religious, so sanctimonious, that L. Ron Hubbard's navy was ordered out of Corfu...

The Commodore & The Colonels - Chello


The people of the Islands of Bonaire, and Curacao have no idea about the history of scientology, for if they did, surely they would not allow these ridiculous monuments and plaques be put in place. It's all a PR and propaganda campaign.



Hmmm, and who do we have here amongst the most "ethical" people on earth? Veteran Sea Orger who did work along side L. Ron Hubbard on the good ship Apollo...

Warning...this is graphic..."look at the picture of LRH" whilst been beaten with a paddle

This may seem extreme and it probably is, however, the fanatical devotees of L. Ron Hubbard will stop at nothing , absolutely nothing to fulfill their goals of a "cleared planet". It is now mainly run by the fanatical parent's children who have grown up not knowing their history and not knowing what exactly they are forwarding as they have never known any different.

Now scientology has been given religious status in England, we can expect to see far more in the way of Trojan Horses in this country, they already have their money fueled tentacles into far more pies than most people realize. 


Private school chief linked to Islam Trojan Horse plot ... - Daily Mail

Religious equality and Freedom for the UK...go suck  eggs...Happy Easter! 


End of...






The above should read..."This is not a theocracy. Children should be free.

Accusations of witch -hunts and Islamophobia must not be used as a shield for extremist indoctrination in schools." (sorry could not fit it all in my scanner).

Peter Clarke as former head of counter- terrorism would do well to open his eyes to what is really going on, right under his nose.

Somebody called me gullible tonight, I disagree, cos I don't buy all this shit that I read. However, I really did like what Libby Perves had to say.

Behind It All (Scientology

And they used their hands as ashtrays...Stand up...sit down in that chair...Thankyou!

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