Thursday, 3 April 2014

On board the Royal Scotsman

For anyone that does not know, this picture(above) was not taken on board the Royal Scotsman, but both people in the picture were on the Royal Scotsman. L. Ron Hubbard and Michael Douglas. On the  'Shrinking world of L. Ron Hubbard' (youtube) Michael can be seen in his younger years very close to me on the line up on the deck (this is a fire drill)a publicity stunt for Granada TV. What a farce!

Michael Douglas sadly died of cancer, which might have been treatable had it not been for his ridiculous beliefs in Dianetics and scientology fronted by LRH. His wife Kima Douglas died last year and all though she spoke out, she did not go far enough  and it is so with most ex scientologists, which is why it still exists to this day.

The above photo was taken in Las Vegas from what I can recall, and it is in Las Vegas that a certain group of "ex" scientologists choose not to speak out because it just might cause an upset in their equilibrium. Well, we can't have that can we? NO, we most certainly cannot, LRH forbid that we upset any body's life. Any bodies life? Did I really say that? I am seriously mistaken obviously, what I meant was, LRH forbid we upset a thetans life, for after all apparently we are NOT our body , so who's body are we?

Don't worry, we'll trace it down the time track and we will come back, after all we have lived for at least a billion years...haven't we?
They don't care about us!

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