Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The East Grinstead Courier are at it again - Say No to Drugs and Say No to Scientology

​Town mayor launches Mayors Against Drugs national campaign

The East Grinstead Courier are at it again, promoting Scientology. Whilst the ethics of "Say No to Drugs" is a  great concept, Saying Yes to Scientology is a terrible concept and with that in mind what does this all mean. "Say No to Drugs" is a Scientology front group and whilst "they may get you off of drugs" or stop you from taking them, they will do their damndest to turn you into a Scientologist.

Below in the picture from left to right, unknown,Janet Levaux (Office of Special Affairs), Graeme Wilson (Office of Special Affairs),Cllr Dick Sweatman (Mayor of East. Grinstead) center, the jives Ace swing band (Sea Org recruitment tools  for Scientology), including the woman dressed the same as them, that told me they were nothing to do with Scientology when I encountered them in Hastings once. The other four on the right, I haven't a clue but pretty sure they are also Scientologists.

What about the East. Grinstead Courier?, well it operates out of a Scientology building on the High Street.

So whilst, I advocate Say No to Drugs, I also advocate Say No to drugs, but not with Scientology.

  Posted: March 02, 2016

SAY NO TO DRUGS: Town mayor Cllr Dick Sweatman signed the drug-free pledge on the High Stree

Following the pledge signing, drug education booklets were distributed on the High Street. Nearly two million booklets have been distributed throughout the UK by the Foundation for a Drug Free World in recent years.

Note: The Office of Special Affairs...

Office of Special Affairs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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