Friday, 18 March 2016

L. Ron Hubbard and Frankie Howerd in South Africa 1960

A couple of days ago someone put this up on youtube, it looks like a family holiday travelling from Cape Town to Durban. At a hotel at 6:11 in the video you can see L. Ron Hubbard. I found it very un-nerving, as he looked just like that when I first met him as a little girl at St. Hill in the 60s. What appears even more remarkable is the shot leaves him, someone jumps in a pool and then moves on to Frankie Howerd, yes, that Frankie Howerd, the comedian, and then he's wearing a bra. Frankie Howerd is on a bill board later in the film footage. The whole thing is rather bizarre...see for yourself...

Update: I have just watched part 1, Lance is the child and his parents were appearing in a variety show, presumably the Frankie Howerd one. Interesting! As an adult, Lance was in a UK pop band called Prima Donna.

Lance's parents in a performance on stage, very funny for it's time...

Sex, Secrets and Franke Howerd in '50s Television Forum

Sex, Secrets and Frankie Howerd - What a Carry On

Titter ye not: Frankie Howerd had a dark side - Telegraph

Notice the references to LSD therapy.

What a carry on, indeed!


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