Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Aaron Smith-Levin talks to Mike Rinder about Growing up in Scientology

Published on 1 Mar 2016
In Part 4 of this interview Mike Rinder and Aaron Smith-Levin take turns discussing how they were taught to think about various subjects while growing up in Scientology. In Part 4 they answer the following questions:
--What were you taught about the value of family, parents, or having kids?
--What kinds of things did people say, or were you told to minimize the importance of or allegiance to one’s family?
--Reasons why you could not, should want to, did not need to go to family holidays or gatherings.
--Reasons why having kids was not important, or not as important as being on staff or in the Sea Organization.
--Reasons why it was okay to disconnect from family members.
--Reasons why parent / child relationships were not actually “real”.
--What were you taught to think other religions & God?
--Does god exist?
--Do other religions have value?
--Are other religions read or valid?
--Can a Scientologist really also be a Christian, Jewish etc. and practice these religions?
--Why does the Church claim that this is the case?

They also discuss Alfreddie Johnson, Louis Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam.

Jump to 43:25 to hear Mike and discuss what personal experiences with David Miscavige, Pat Broker and Ray Mithoff led him to be certain that L. Ron Hubbard did not leave behind any further OT levels, despite what LRH, Pat Broker and David Miscavige have been saying for 30+ years.

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