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L.Ron Hubbard Baby Formula

The L Ron Hubbard Baby Formula (Pt 3) and Five Cases of Infantile Malnutrition

failure to thrive1981 |  The American Journal of Diseases of Children
Malnutrition Associated With a Formula of Barley Water, Corn Syrup, and Whole Milk Raymond J. Fabius, MD; Russell J. Merritt, MD, PhD; Paul M. Fleiss, MD, MPH; Judith M. Ashley, MSPH, RD | Download as .pdf
This paper describes the cases of five children (aged between one and seven months) admitted to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles suffering from malnutrition. This was found to be due to their parents feeding them with a baby formula based on barley water, which L Ron Hubbard claimed to have discovered in a previous life as a citizen of Ancient Rome.

Hubbard further claimed that this formula was superior to both modern breast and formula milk. It is, in fact deficient in iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. The details are available in part one of this series. A case study case study of a case of infantile scurvy in a two-year-old, also caused by use of the same formula is described in part two.The doctors demonstrate that they have done some in-depth research by noting that they more... Part Three

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