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Don't look here, scientology, look over there...

From the Sunday Times 21/12/14

Founder of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard - ordered lockup of 4½ year old little boy
Transcripts and images of TV program SECRET LIVES - L. Ron Hubbard   ( en Français )
He put this 4½ year old little boy - Derek Greene - into the chain locker for two days and two nights. It's a closed metal container, it's wet, it's full of water and seaweed, it smells bad. But Derek was sitting up, on the chain, in this place, on his own, in the dark, for two days and two nights... people heard him crying. That is sheer, total brutality. That is child abuse.
(View SECRET LIVES - L. Ron Hubbard in realvideo)

Founder of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard - ordered lockup of deaf-mute girl
From the book "Messiah or Madman" by Bent Corydon
Hubbard had ordered a little girl who was a deafmute down into the chain locker sometime in 1968. Hubbard was going to cure her deaf-ness by shoving her down there! This came to my attention after she'd been there for about a week because the Master at Arms at the time, a beautiful girl, came to me and said, "John, I've got to have you come and see what's going on."

From the book "Religion Inc.: the Church of Scientology" by Stewart Lamont
McMaster remembers once being asked by the Master at Arms to come and help her, He pulled up the wedge from the chain-locker, a dank and unhealthy part of the ship into which offenders were flung without food as a punishment. Out crawled a little girl who turned out to be a deaf-mute who had been unable to write her name and had incurred the Commodore's wrath.

It's a known fact that when L. Ron Hubbard died, the Apollo space mission was in the headlines at the time, coincidence...perfect timing... L. Ron Hubbard dies on the 28th of January 1986 and the Apollo space shuttle has a disaster...on the 28th of January 1986

l. ron hubbard dies of stroke; founder of church of scientology

stroke of good luck for Miscavige and his minions because on the 28th of January 1986 the Apollo space shuttle...

BBC ON THIS DAY | 28 | 1986: Seven dead in space shuttle disaster

and whilst LRH was strung out on drugs and injections from Dr. Denk screaming about his body thetans, real live astronauts died on Apollo Challenger...a science fiction writer he might have been...but even he would have to is stranger than fiction...much, much stranger and the one I feel the most sorry for is little Ayla Calcioli...she has got to grow up in this science fiction drama...and it is all science is not truth and her parents won't tell her the truth because they grew up in this science fiction drama also, but their parents know the truth...interesting to me is there are so many people that know exactly what has gone still going on and will not speak whatever you do DON'T look here...because you just might learn something...

Here IS your next generation...

 Father of the bride is Peter Hodkin, a solicitor of cease and desist letters. He still has not sent me one...I wonder why? Could it be I keep providing evidence, so therefor he thinks it prudent not readers are topping your congregation Mr. matter what the Supreme Court of England says and speaking of England, I notice your daughter and husband are British...NOT ENGLISH! So you come into OUR country and you dictate the law

well. I have some law for you...$cientology LAW...

"Death, insanity, aberration or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics. Further adequate laws do not exist at this time to bar the use of these techniques. The law provides that only the individual so wronged can make a complaint or swear out a warrant for offenders using these techniques"

"A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom retains the sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he has been victimized. In addition persons claiming such offenses against their persons are commonly cataloged by Doctors as suffering from delusions. Thus the employer of Black Dianetics can escape unpunished under existing legal procedures. - LRH, circa sept 52...from 1976 edition of Tech Volume I page 280...........................................................................

..."Somebody some day will say this is illegal. Be sure by then the orgs (scientology) say what is legal or not" - L. Ron Hubbard


"There is nothing as wild as in the books of man as will probably happen here on earth. And it will happen simply because all of this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late - LRH 

Now here is a quote you may not have come across before...

IS(Islamic State) may hack heads off and does commit barbaric acts but whilst you are looking there $cientology IS creeping and crawling into every aspect of YOUR everyday may think I am delusional, but do you really want to take that an EX Commodores Messenger...I already want to leave the country...funny little scenario cropped up recently...most people I know now, and (believe me I know lots of people) they know most about how I grew up, they are well informed about $cientology but not about Narconon and other front groups. I know a really professional guy and he's well tuned into most things but he had not got a clue about Narconon and thought it was very professional, even though he thought he was clued up on $cientology. There is a lot of work to do. Let's Clear this planet of $cientology and IS (Islamic State) they were cojoined at birth.

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