Monday, 18 August 2014

Overt or Covert

When Paulette Cooper was under attack by $cientology it was a mixture of covert and overt operations and the aim was to drive her insane and thank the unknown powers that be, the FBI raided and proved her innocent.

$cientology has NOT changed, It NEVER will change. It does NOT know how to change, the only thing that is changing is how covert it can be, it relies drastically on the young people that NEVER knew any thing else. My aging sister is one of them and all three of her offspring are others, the Calcioli family, the Hodkin family, the Gaiman family, all supporting something they do NOT understand and NEVER will...I compare you all with ISIS...gunning support for something that is nothing...a tragedy that should NEVER of happened...some may say ISIS puts heads on pikes...and they do, but $cientology puts heads on pikes also...mentally and covertly.

And they(whom ever they maybe) call this a religion?

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