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Cleared UK

All credits have to go to Martin Ottman for having these documents and posting them...Thank You!

How OSA wanted to change the religious scene in Russia

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Scientology's corporate sham -

My footnotes are in be continued...

Joseph Alesi - GO Operative who gained access to IRS with forged ID card...

Who's Who In Scientology [Part 1 of 2] By Martin Hunt | The ...

Don Alverzo - former Deputy Director Information Br I USGO...Don Alverzo
According to sources, Don Alverzo may be also the GO operative formerly known as Jerry Levin, the notorious faux "nice guy" who took up with Operation Freakout target Paulette Cooper in order to spy on her for the CoS. Reports say that he is still in the cult, possibly living at Saint Hill, perhaps because the IRS has been looking for him since his bug-planting days in GO.

The Scientology Cult's GO/OSA 11, Where Are They Now?

Scientology library: “Don Alverzo”

Brian Anderson - current "spokesperson" in Clearwater...

Michael Baum - GO "FSM" who worked with Alesi to gain access to IRS using forged ID card...

Alex Constantine's Blacklist: Flight 3407 Crash: Enter a Scientology ...

Bradford N. Bernstein, CPA - worked on IRS Defensible Records Project ...youth for human rights...sounds good doesn't it till you realise who they are...

Sara Brooks - Scientology-related entities: individuals and details ... 

Youth for Human Rights International: Form 990 filings - Scientology ...

Peter Blecha - former Finance Audits Officer GLA
Annie Broeker - former Hubbard Aide and loyal officer died of cancer,subjected to a harrowing life both inside scientology and after her death as no one can get their facts straight...I believe Annie's story is probably one of the worst and I think it's about time Marty Rathbun started really talking...
Pat Broeker - former Hubbard Aide and loyal officer missing
Helen Budlong - former USGO
Morris "Mo" Budlong - former Snow White conspirator...on the Apollo ...

Guardian Office | Scientology Lies

Operation Snow White – lots of interesting facts | Why We Protest ...


David Cusworth - former Audits Officer Finance WW
Richard Deere - former Director of Personnel Int USGO...

Ken Delderfield - former LRH Comm WW...

Ant's Scientology Story Part VII

Counterfeit Dreams: Chapter Six: Back to Flag


James "Jim" Douglass - former USGO staff... I could be wrong, but I think this reference is to Michael Douglas, whom I knew on the Apollo and so did Gerry Armstrong, someone, I support...I'm going to make a rough guess here and say I think it was an alias when LRH was in hiding.

Hallelujah, bye and bye, Michael Douglas - Scientology v. Armstrong

Nancy Douglass - aka Pitts - Guardian Office Covert Ops...and in the same vein, I think this refers to Kima Douglas...again I am going to make a rough guess and say this was an alias when LRH was in hiding...but I will let Tony Ortega tell the the story...

Kima Douglas, 1942-2013 « The Underground Bunker

...and I did see the facebook comments from old time scientologists and I am NOT swayed at all...

[Judith] Jae Duckhorn - former Assistant Guardian Finance Bridge Publications

Miss X Exposes Scientology -

Irene Dunleavy/Howey/Dirmann - former LRH Comm Saint Hill, CO ASHO D, Office of Eval & Execution Flag, etc. (many posts)...on the Apollo...

Re: Captain Bill Debrief - Ex-scientologists speak -- "Warrior"

Tony Dunleavy - former Exec Council WW...on the Apollo...

Scientology library: “Tony Dunleavy

Robert Ealy - former GO Finance WW
Louise Ealy - former AGF ASHO and AGF Greater Los Angeles
Jonathan "Jonno" Epstein - FBO Network Sea Org Reserves Chief...

Scientology Missions International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fishman Affidavit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A series of missives about Scientology's Gulags -

That's How They Got Al Capone But Scientology Maybe Not - Forbes


"Mutual Release" Agreement of Vicki Aznaran - Scientology v ...

Affidavit of Robert Vaughn Young 9 Mar 1994

Church of Scientology International (CSI): Form 990 filings

Affidavit In Support Of A Citizen Complaint -

Citizen Complaint The Finance Network -

A classic example of the fair game policy at work -




[Gerald] Feffer - of Washington DC law firm Williams & Connolly - husband of Monique Yingling...

The Church Of Scientology's Most Trusted Lawyers - Business Insider

Gerald A. Feffer, tax lawyer who represented Leona Helmsley, dies ...

St. Petersburg Times: The man behind Scientology, page 4


Derek Field - former Chartered Accountant WW My step sisters step Father, appears to have retired from chartered accountancy WW, might still be doing accountancy in the UK...he was still on the books as late as 2011 for Narconon and Criminon...

The 'Hard Sell' Cult (Scientology in the UK Media)

Derek Field - The Truth About Scientology

Ant's Scientology Story Part VI


Bill Franks - former Executive Director International
Fran Freedman - former CS-3...

The young rulers.. - Free Zone Association

Molly Gilliam - former Hubbard Finance Aide...

Scientology library: “Molly Gilliam

Martin "Marty" Greenberg - former CPA USGO...

Scientology's Tax Exempt Status Should Be Rescinded

"Charles Manson was a Scientologist -


Fred Hare - former Exec Council WW...on the Apollo...

Raid on Scientologists netted CIA documents - Hubbard still gave ...

BU's Scientology Connection -- the Secrets of Scientology

Scientology's Assault on Clearwater Florida -

Scientology | | Jere Matlock Blog

Scientology: Religion or Intelligence Agency? - Solitary Trees

My History With the Cult - Steven Fishman - Xs4all

Ant's Scientology Story Part VII

Fred Hare | Facebook



Hugh Harrison - former Sea Org Finance Aide (Deputy CS-3 Production)...

Operation Clambake: List of enemies of Scientology

Henning Heldt - former Snow White conspirator...

Henning speaks

Snow White Revisited


Scientology's Assault on Clearwater Florida -

Henning Heldt - The Truth About Scientology

Scientology's Tax Exempt Status Should Be Rescinded

Scientology's Narconon: A Legacy of Failure and Death | The Morton ...

U.S. v. Heldt, Hubbard, et al.


Mary Heldt - former Deputy Guardian Finance USGO...

U.S. v. Heldt, Hubbard, et al.

The Scientology Cult's GO/OSA 11, Where Are They Now?

Mary Heldt - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

Operation Snow White – lots of interesting facts | Why We Protest ...


Peter Hemery - former HCO Secretary WW...

Ant's Scientology Story Part VI

Scientology: Non-LRH turns into LRH? What happened here?

Former Scientology Members - The Scientologist



Mitchell Herman - With Meisner interviewed Scienos for Infiltration Op and bugged IRS Chief Counsel's Conference room in Nov 1974 - aka Mike Cooper...


Washington Post - "U.S. Charges Scientology Conspiracy" - 8/16/78


Diana Hubbard - former CS-6, etc...on the Apollo

Mary Sue Hubbard - former Controller...on the Apollo
Alan Hubbert - former Guardian Office staff...

Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization - Wikipedia, the ...

April Huff - former USGO Finance
Steve Huff - former Assistant Guardian Greater Los Angeles
Midge Hunt - former DGF US...

IAS - International Association of Scientologists - some of the names

142 million plus given to Super Power Scam - Ex Scientologist ...

Piercing the corporate veil: the true structure of Scientology

James J. "Jim" Jackson - CPA Betty James - former Chairman of the Advisory Council WW...

Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi to Play David Koresh: Why There's a ...

J - Scientology Service Completions - The Truth About Scientology

Betty James lived at Little Baldwins, East Grinstead,for a short time, my home at the time in the mid Nineteen sixties...loads of kids in one room...Anton James was on the Apollo...

Clears List - Scienowiki - Scientology - Wikia

Ex Scientologist - Ethics Conditions - The full story

Not the full story at all... 


Heber Jentzsch - "President" of CSI - former GO Public Said to be in the HOLE...

Heber Jentzsch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  Relations monkey Jane Kember - former Guardian WW

United States of America v. Jane Kember, Morris Budlong - Wikisource 


Jane Kember
Paola Bacigalupo

Scientology Service Completions - The Auditor UK 356 [circa March 2011 ]

TAS : Scientology Statistics : The Auditor UK : The Auditor UK 356

The Auditor UK 356 [ circa March 2011 ]

Quick Stats:
221 completions
146 individuals
88 different services

Completions: The Auditor UK Magazine

Interesting...don't you according to David Miscavige scientology was purged of all criminal elements back in 1982...  


Richard Kimmel - former Assistant Guardian Intelligence Wash DC...

Scientology's Assault on Clearwater Florida -

Brian Livingston - former Treasury Secretary SH...on the Apollo...

My own training went on, with some difficulty, as I felt out of my depth in the Class 12 internship with auditors who were leagues and parsecs ahead of me. It was also a "Sea Org" (forcefully dedicated military-navy-style focus, fear, steely-resolve and harsh verbal discipline atmosphere). Brian Livingston was the Supervisor, Jeff Walker the appallingly heavy-handed and anti-social Senior Cramming (corrections) Officer, Dennis Erlich was the junior Cramming Officer and was truly horrible. Anger and resentment was the underlying tone of the Flag internships. It didn't suit my personality at all. David Mayo was the senior Case Supervisor. Ray Mithoff was the Flag senior Case Supervisor. It was a close knit group of fanatical devotees tied together by frayed nerves.

David Miscavige was, when I saw him, a tiny and wiry "Commodore's Messenger" (Hubbard had made himself a Commodore of the Sea Org) who was officious and obnoxious like a mini tin-pot teen tyrant who had gotten out of hand and needed to be spanked by his Mom. He had the same grating-rasping voice as his Dad (Ron)and brother Ronny. It was used to violate the sensitive eardrums. of the "recipients" of his messages and his ire. He would stride in like he was a teenage "God Almighty" and cuss out Brian Livingston, many years his senior. It was "Command Intention" (Ron's intention) that his messengers were to be treated as if it was actually him (Ron) present, so the messengers (even the cute girly ones like Tonya Burden) could act like Hubbard and be as ornery as they liked without consequences.


Ex Scientologist - Michael Pattinson OT VIII

david mayo affidavit


Vicki Polimeni Livingston - former CS-3...

Clears List - Scienowiki - Scientology - Wikia

Ian Logan - former Finance Audits Unit I/C WW
Arthur "Arte" Maren - former USGO PR...

Snow White Revisited

How to Achieve Your Goals Seminar - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube

Arte Maren Introduces The BusinessWise TV Show - YouTube

Scientology and Scientologists on the World Wide Web - Homepage



Gerald Wayne McNeely - former AGF GLA, AGF ASHO, Fin. Audits Dir PAC, etc....

OT VIII List with Issue Numbers - The Truth About Scientology

142 million plus given to Super Power Scam - Ex Scientologist ...


Joan McNocher - former Deputy Guardian WW, Exec Council Saint Hill...

Ant's Scientology Story Part IX

Warren McShane - President of RTC...

Aides recount beatings by Scientology Leader David Miscavige and ...

Satanic Elements of Scientology | Factnet: Dialog on Key Public ...


Michael Meisner - GO Operative who got caught in IRS bldg, kidnapped and held by Scientology, escaped and turned witness for US Dept of Justice - aka John Foster...

Operation Freakout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Snow White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I - The Witness Michael Meisner

Testimony - Chapter 9: Marriage

A Piece Of Blue Sky - Part 5, Chapter 2: Infiltration

Talk:Scientology cult legal documents part 1 - WikiLeaks


David Miscavige - Chairman of the Board RTC
Ray Mithoff - another loyal Sea Org officer - Senior C/S Int, etc....

Ray Mithoff - The Truth About Scientology

Ray Mithoff, Church of Scientology bigwig on Vimeo

Scientology's response to church defectors: 'Total lies' | Tampa Bay ...

Scientology's Concentration Camp for Its Executives: The Prisoners ...

Escapes from Scientology's Gold Base through Soboba Indian ...

Jesse Prince Declaration in McPherson case - EZLink

declaration of vicki aznaran


Aides recount beatings by Scientology Leader David Miscavige and ...


Cat Morrow - former PAC/GLA GO staff...

123. A more serious
incident occurred when a staff member with extremely confidential
knowledge of the legal and corporate manueverings of Scientology became
Type 3 PTS. Her name was Cat Morrow and she had been part of a project
called MCSS, for Mission Corporate Category Sort-out that was supposed to
create a corporate structure to protect Hubbard from civil or criminal
action. Cat had information about inurement to Hubbard and about
conspiracy within the church to cover it up that would be disastrous if it
were ever leaked. So when she had a psychotic break it was of the utmost
importance that the situation be kept quiet.

124. Cat was taken to the
home of a wealthy Scientologist outside of Los Angeles. The house was
surrounded with woods and there were no other houses in sight. There Cat-
was kept under 24 hour watch, known as "Isolation Watch" because the
person is isolated from everyone except those on the "watch." Although I
was not assigned to watch her, I was told that Cat became extremely
violent on several occasions, that she tried to jump through a plate glass
window, that she repeatedly said she wanted to kill herself, and that she
had no idea who she was or what she was doing. This went on for several

125. I was told that when Cat came out of the psychotic break she
was audited on the Introspection Rundown. This is a series of questions
and procedures designed to get the person to stop introspecting, based on
Hubbard's belief that this would cure the psychosis. On someone who is
OTT, as Cat was, the Introspection Rundown is audited on the body thetans
that have gone out of control and caused the psychotic break. The theory
is that once these body thetans are disengaged from the person's body, the
person will be able to get back in control of his or her own mind again.

126. Maggie Butterworth, former OSA operative David Butter worth's wife,
was usually assigned to supervise any Scientologist in Los Angeles that
had a psychotic break, and I believe that she was in charge of Cat Morrow,
in close liaison with Sandi Wilhere, a highly trained case supervisor in
CSI who used to be one of the most senior technical experts in Scientology
(Miscavige reportedly demoted her to kitchen maid recently).

127. Cat Morrow's case was particularly sensitive not only because of the
information that Cat had about the church's legal affairs but also because
she was married to Jim Morrow, one of the key people involved in dealing
with the IRS. Cat's psychosis could not be allowed to compromise Jim's
position, so her situation required the highest security. Normally a staff
member who goes Type 3 is routed off staff or sent to the RPF after coming
out of the psychotic episode, but because Cat had dealt with such
sensitive material she was quietly reassigned to an unimportant department
where people could keep an eye on her and make sure she remained loyal to

Stacy Young: Affidavit I

The Lisa McPherson Clause

Jim Morrow - former PAC/GLA GO staff...

The Lisa McPherson Clause

Piercing the corporate veil: the true structure of Scientology


Carla Moxon - former Assistant Guardian Communicator Wash DC...

Carla Moxon - The Truth About Scientology

Scientologist Carla Moxon tells a story about her lawyer husband ...

Kendrick Moxon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Kendrick Moxon - former Assistant Guardian Legal Wash DC...

Kendrick Moxon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Moxon & Kobrin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Becky Ohl - former Flag Banking Officer ASHO
Charles B. Parselle - former Deputy Guardian Legal WW...

Scientology brings in legal chief on Vic. ban - Suburbia

Scientology library: “Charles Parselle

2001 Final Investor List > L - Z - Reed Slatkin

Scientologists Allowed to Commit Crimes - Solitary Trees

The list of unindicted co-conspirators in the Snow White case

Snow White Revisited


Herbie Parkhouse - former Deputy Guardian Finance WW...

My Letters From "L Ron Hubbard" and Others - Warrior

Scientology with(out) an End by Tom Voltz -

Case #31, Herbie Parkhouse,
head of the Guardians Office Finance Bureau in the 1970's,
When the CMO took over the Guardian Office, Herbie was declared (excommunicated from Scientology).
Hubbard had been lavish in his praise of Parkhouse and said that Parkhouse was the one missionaire that he could always count on to get the job done. Parkhouse used a rough and abusive management style; belittling, fear inducing and sometimes physically demanding. Parkhouse at times would have people run from place to place in probationary periods when their continued holding of their posts was put into doubt in order to psychologically condition them.
I heard in the 80's that Herbie was running a taxi stand at Heathrow.
Herbie not only knew Hubbard's finance policies better than anyone else, he even authored numerous BPLs on finance himself.


Case Histories of past lives...oh brother...

Herbert Parkhouse, Time: 1800 A.D.
A stagecoach driver is having an affair with the landlady of an inn. He tries to steal money from her, and when discovered in the act, he kills her with a candlestick. Later, somebody is holding money from a bank robbery he performed. The man refuses to give the money. Angrily, he takes his horse and carriage to the barn, where he finds a young boy having sex with his daughter. He accidentally kills the girl by throwing a pitchfork at her. He then blames the boy, who is hanged with a chain. His wife then kills him by shooting him in the back.
Four deaths. Murder. 

Each step on Scientology's Bridge of Dreams is planked with more ...

Peter Greene debrief

RRF was incorporated in Monrovia, Liberia in about 1973. RRF had no
offices in Liberia and no staff. The resident agent was an attorney in
Liberia who had handled the corporate matters for the Church. The idea
for RRF was conceived, apparently, by MSH and others while on the
ship. Later, the supervision of its accounts was turned over to the
G.O., specifically Herbie Parkhouse -- then the Deputy Guardian for
Finance (DGF WW).
RRF was the repository of moneys paid for services at Flag by non-US
Scientologists. It was thought, apparently, that the moneys paid to
RRF would not be considered income to the ChurCh of Scientology of
California and therefore not liable to federal income tax if the
Church was found to be not tax exempt.

RRF was monitored almost exclusively by Herbie Parkhouse and one or
two of his staff. It was very confidential. Since it had no real
existence outside of the bank accounts and substantial sums deposited
there, it was often referred to as a "Thetan Corporation."


Report to the Council for Spiritual Integrity (author unknown)

Scientology | Androvillans's Blog -

Zegel Briefing 1 - Free Zone Association


David Pearson - former FBO Bridge Publications US...

Re: The RPF -

Mickey Layne Pearson - former FBO Admin ASHO
Linda Polimeni - former Guardian Office FSM...1978: Linda Polimeni of Los Angeles is arrested and charged with copying and stealing a CoS file from the office of Dep. Atty. Gen. Patti Kitching. (Inet #17, p. 3).

Old Scientology Timeline Of Harassment - Solitary Trees

Nick Polimeni - one of the first SO members when it was known as the Sea Project - was on "Mission Into Time" cruise...

EXECUTIVEDIRECTIVE FLAG*1 ED 2830 10 - Wilfried Handl

Philip Quirino - former LRH Comm WW...St. Hill...

Scientology - Philip Quirino a Scientologist - read this page to find ...

Philip Quirino

Philip Quirino (picture not available)
Philip Quirino has been a Scientologist for over 40 years.
Philip Quirino’s children have served on staff at Scientology’s Flag Base and Chicago Org.
Philip Quirino’s Scientology Service Completions: ... irino.html

List of Declared People by the Church of Scientology

All Saint Hill staff were Suppressive Persons - News From Bree


Marty Rathbun - another crony of Miscavige, Starkey, Yaeger, Spurlock, Greg Wilhere, Jonno Epstein, et al
Bruce Raymond - Ops Officer Intelligence USGO - aka Randy Windment...

The Scientology Cult's GO/OSA 11, Where Are They Now?

Guardian Office operations

edward-walters-affid.. -


Operation Funny Bone - Scientology v. Armstrong

Cindy Raymond - former Collections Officer USGO Information Bureau...

Operation Snow White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Freakout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of Guardian's Office operations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Scientology Cult's GO/OSA 11, Where Are They Now?


Washington Post - "U.S. Charges Scientology Conspiracy" - 8/16/78

Scientology --- Scientology spies -

Mike Rees - former AGF ASHO
Wendell Reynolds - former International Finance Dictator
Mike Rigby - former Dir Accounts WW
Mike Rinder - OSA Int.
Mary Rezzonico - former Deputy Guardian Legal USGO (also Moxon's senior)
Otto Roos - old timer SO member (many posts) - now declared SP ...on the Apollo
Robin Roos - former CS-3 and CS-2...on the Apollo
Marilyn Routsong - former Treasurer WW
Homer Schomer - Flag Finance and other finance posts
Louise Shekter - former CS-3
Mike Smith - former FBO US
Duke Snider - former President CoSoC and Snow White conspirator
Karen Spencer - former FBO ASHO
Larry Spencer - former FBO ASHO
Tom Spring - Tax Exempt Organization specialist
Lyman Spurlock - crony of Miscavige, Starkey, Spurlock, Wilhere
Norman Starkey - long-time loyal Sea Org officer...on the Apollo

Leon Steinberg - former Exec Council WW
Bess Sullivan - former LRH Comm International
Laurel Watson Sullivan - former LRH Personal Public Relations Officer...on the Apollo
Lucy Thiel - former FBO ASHO Fdn
Sharon Thomas - Snow White covert operative who obtained employment with the US Dept of Justice - aka Judy
Mike Totman - former Audits Branch Director WW
Charlie Updegrove - former FBO ASHO
Ken Urquhart - former CS-7, LRH Pers Comm...on the Apollo
Monique Yingling - of Wash DC tax firm Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger - is Feffer's wife
Richard "Dick" Weigand - former Snow White conspirator
Greg Willardson - GO Covert Operative who worked with Cindy Raymond
Greg Wilhere - another crony of Miscavige
Larry Willson - former AGF ASHO
Gerald Bennett Wolfe - aka Thomas Blake; Snow White Operative who infiltrated the IRS and stole documents from IRS Chief Counsel Lewis Hubbard in June 1975- chosen by Raymond
Shirley Young - former PAC/GLA GO - now in Freedom Mag office
Warren Young - former San Diego, Calif Police Officer and member of Scientology with access to the National Crime Information Center Computer (NCIC)

Why scientologists cannot be trusted... LINK

On the Apollo...
Stella King
David Deitsh
Des Popham
Joyce Popham
Claire Popham
Goran Anderson
Yvonne Gillham
Peter Gillham
Peter Gillham Jn
Terri Gillham
Janis Gillham
Belkacem Feraaj
Hana Eltringham
Guy Eltringham
John O'Keefe
Jill van Staden
Joe van Staden
Bill Robertson
Amos Jessop 
Mo Budlong
Otto Roos 
Robin Roos
Mary Freedman
Frank Freedman
Kenneth Urqhart
Peter Warren
Bob Young 
Malcom Nieman
Gillian Nieman
Neville Chamberlain
Ron Pook
Thok...something guard(Overguard)?
Nikki Freeman? Mary Sue's backup
John McMaster
David Mayo
Laurel Sullivan
Cat Cariataki
Anton James David Englehart...and that's just off of the top of my head
Maria and Norman Starkey...nobody seemed to know about Abellund in Denmark, until I started speaking out about it...Jernbanegade six, I remember the address well as I wrote a lot of letters then, I had to get out of this hell hole and believe me it was a hell of a hole, I was 12 years old, let me repeat that, I was 12 years old and they sent the Ethics Officer from the Apollo to see me personally in Denmark to inform me that I would be locked up in a Mental institution for telling tall tails if I ever spoke out about what would you do at the age of 12, when they had just informed you your Father had been locked up in a cupboard, and he had been....what would you do? what would you do?WHAT WOULD YOU DO AT THE AGE OF 12?

Years later, I asked my Father why he had not brought help, got the Police, He said"they are all in on it"...I know that now, as why would scientology get religious status in my own country, the same country that I escaped back to for some piece of mind...piece of own might be a small cult in the eyes of ownership, but what about all those that don't admit to being a scientologist...because it is a dirty word.

Scientology...the dirty word of religion!

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