Monday, 21 July 2014

What's the Greatest Good for Scientology's Future?

That people will NEVER get real $cientologists to admit to things because if they do they are liable for jail by wog standards and they will NOT go to jail because they are Superior beings to the likes of you and me, they are beyond reproach as mere mortals, they have lived for centuries, life after life time and if you think some mere wog can come along and say different, you have a big problem on your hands...that IS Standard Tech, it's been going at least since the mid sixties to my knowledge, probably prior to that, try the 50s.

There will NEVER be a world without war, insanity and criminality because England, good old England has just declared $cientology a Religion.

You want war, look at the world today... You want insanity...just look at the $cientologists and You want criminality...look at $cientology's past and present's NOT a pretty picture...the media have put into the spot light Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun and Karen De La Carriere...You are NOT close up and personal with L. Ron Hubbard for roughly 20 years without knowing what YOU are doing...

L. Ron Hubbard was so caring and thoughtful...he put his own Messengers into the hold for daring to talk to Greek boys, boy, what a security risk when you are up against SMERSH...

Sorry #1 karen...can't see you

It's a blur to you isn't high on POWER...and Affluence...sweet dreams...the original Commodores messengers, minus Suzette who probably had to be somewhere else, as always...and of course Terri wasn't there because she was Head Messenger...other fish to learning how to cook the books and of course neither of them went on a Russian submarine...but we did...SMERSH spies...funny thing...don't see Annie Broeker there...but then Marty Rathbun broke her didn't he before she could spill the beans and rice...

this is what happened to the one on the right, sorry I meant Wright of me...

courtesy of The Telegragh... in six years he turned into a God #Karen, a Mesiah, so caring and the purif was I saw it in my very brief interlude on XSO message board, .... Mr. Welch tore up his mattress and threw it out of the porthole, anything he could rip out of the cabin he threw overboard out of the porthole in order to draw attention to the fact that he was being detained...I did NOT bare witness to this because I was NOT there in 1973, however a similar incident happened in nineteen sixty eight. Allegedly they did NOT come out of the incident a totally changed man, they were broken into tiny little pieces, like my Father at Abellund, like Annie Broeker when Marty Rathbun brought her where to run where to hide...I survived $ are still stuck there...

This piece of music is bloody brilliant...I love it...see my post...I cannot and will not ever endorse anyone or anything that promotes Tom Cruise, John Travolta, $cientology or any of the scumbags that support this insidious organization, I know some people don't do it knowingly and that is where I come in to make you aware...then it's up to you...I believe we are in a win win situation. Sir Elton John supports this duo and supported Lady Diana, as I did and still do. I do believe Lady Di spoke quite intimately to Martin Bashir as did Tommy Davis...hahahah Lady Diana was actually lovely, she did a lot to win the love and respect she gained...Tommy Davis...not so much

So Tommy, you want to explain to us why you ain't the spokesman anymore?

Tommy we are in session, please pick up the cans!

You don't like that Xenu guy do you?

Is it the DC 8s? Is it the frozen boxes filled with glycol?

What is it Tommy?

Why can't you explain your religion?

Don't worry Tommy, even LRH could not make wogs understand his religion.

The religion of LRH...Hip Hip Hooray is like trying to have a bowel movement when you are just can't get it out...

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