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Life in the Sea Org

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The cadet org was in 3 condemmed victorian houses riddled with roaches. Since the kids did the cleaning and dishwashing every newcomer got diarrhea. Next door to one of the houses, barely 10-12ft away from the windows was aNarcanon drug rehab. At night the kids had to listen to people screaming and crying going through withdrawl just outside their windows. The bed rooms were wall to wall matresses. When the health department eventually got wind and inspected most of the mattresses disappeared. It was a "big flap" as they call it. Something that requires lots of PR to hide the truth. The older kids were put on the ship (a training ship for new recruits. I spent about 2 months on it when I arrived). The ship was a WWII hospital ship. With the kids came the roaches and hair lice. We had to do an all nighter (very common it the sea org) pulling all the matresses out of the berthing spaces on to the deck and spray everything with insecticide. The kids clothes were boiled in water in the steam kettles in the galley and the kids were all lined up to have their hair shampooed and the nits combed out. Oh, what fond memories. This describes my first 3 months in the sea org. that's all I want to write now. Bug PS It wasn't for 5 months before I ever saw my mom again. She went to the ASHO (American St hill org) They do higher level auditing.

Life in the Sea Org 

I joined the Sea Org when I was 12. Why not? It had to be better than where I was. My parents had split up and half of the kids were with my mom and the other half with my dad. We had NOTHING. My parents were not allowed to spend time with us (except Sunday, which was spent doing laundry at the laundry mat before we hit the beach for a few hours of fun - those beach memories are the only GOOD memories I have of that time). Of course, when the Org hit a State of Emergency, even this was revoked and they worked from about 11am to 11pm seven days a week with only an hour or two break for dinner (which was cooked by us kids).

So, who's watching the little ones this whole time? My 10-year-old sister became a nanny for our younger siblings and a few other kids. Watched them by herself at a staff member's apartment each night. Needless to say, none of us went to public school (we'd been pulled out and 'home-schooled'), so getting home at midnight wasn't much of an issue. 

Growing up in the Org

 More children that grew up in Scientology...

You people need to go on Lermanet .com and our full story is on it . My name is Tommy Gorman and Jennifer Gorman is my wife. I use to help witH OSA a lot and to all I may have been fair gaming and that I would picket at the homes . I am very sorry . I really thought you all were SP's . Jeff would go on and on about it . I just want you to know that i now know I was wrong for doing what OSA told me to do. I wish i was smarter then and never did that at all to you people. Again i am very sorry . To name a couple Peach and Kristy Walker . I would love to talk with you people one day in person or on the Phone . If you never want to then i understand . To you both I am very very Sorry and it was wrong . I get people out of the cult of scientology now . I am a Deprogramer . I am going to be posting somethings about how I am sorry on Lermanet .com very soon . Oh please start going to Factnet .com too .


What happen to me and my wife in the cult of scientology

Suffer ye the little children
“When children become unimportant to a soci­
ety, that society has forfeited it future”. —
Science of Survival
chapter 18
“No child was ever spoiled by affection, by sym­
pathy, by kindness, by understanding, or even
by indulgence” —
Child Dianetics
chapter 3 “To­
wards a Saner World”.
Some of the best raised children I have ever
seen are the children of Scientologists. As long
as the Scientologists were far away from Flag
and the Sea Org.
Some of the worst raised children I have ever
seen are the children of Sea Org members. The
children at the Los Angeles Scientology complex
were so badly handled that they turned into a
gang of juvenile delinquents and created such
bad PR that SO members with children were
banned from the area.
The children of Sea Org members were ne­
glected, mistreated, and malnourished. They
were handled with policy and with ethics. They
turned rabid. Many of them hate Scientology.
The children of Scientologists out in the field
were generally handled with the tech on main­
taining good communication and high ARC and
the granting of beingness. On the whole they
have turned out quite well. Many of them are
enthusiastic Scientologists.
The difference here is the difference between
tech and policy. Those that were handled with
tech did well. Those that were handled with pol­
icy and ethics and flag orders became monsters.
The simplest way to determine whether or not
something works is to observe the products that
it produces.
Link provided... IVY #40  page 44 and 45 from the Pilot
 Discontinued - find all existing issues in PDF format! 

Ken Ogger who was known as the Pilot wrote a lot about scientology
 and had a very tragic end. He was found at the bottom of his swimming
pool with his left hand tied and concrete attached to his feet,whether suicide
or homicide, I don't know, but the product of scientology tech did not work
the way he thought it should...

Meeting Ken Ogger - Article by Heidrun Beer - Mental Training ...

The children in scientology that were handled with scientology

tech tended to stay in much longer, those that were handled

 with Ethics,policy letters and flag orders tended to rebel against the injustice of not being allowed to be children.





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