Friday, 11 July 2014

Narconon Reviews

I first became aware of Narconon as a scientology front group when reading about the cult I grew up in. I then found there was a Narconon based just yards from where I had lived many years ago.To think that this insidious organization had set up shop to recruit vulnerable people with the false hope of getting them off of drugs by turning them into scientologists was a reminder of just how far these people will go to fool society.

I am not opposed to people being helped to get off of drugs, however I am opposed to people being willfully mislead, and I am also very much opposed to people being turned into scientologists without them even realising it.

The below website is run by volunteers and there to help people make an informed choice when deciding to get help for their loved ones with a drug addiction. Drug addiction is a terrible thing and causes much harm to both the addict and their loved ones, the same kind of thing applies to being a member of a cult, it causes harm to both the cult member and their loved ones. One could say, scientology auditing is as much as a fix for scientologists as heroin is to the addict.

One could also ask why it was that L. Ron Hubbard was a drug addict, considering how scientology is a supposed authority on getting people off of drugs?

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