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John Sweeney of the BBC in North Korea

Very interesting Panorama program, If you are able to watch It, please do. Interesting reminders of a cult I know, the same one John Sweeney is famous for in Scientology circles.

When he goes to the North Korean library and asks for the book 1984, he is given a book on 'food and nutrition'. North Korea is a wasteland, desolate and devoid of anything but statues of their beloved leaders.People are starving and the corpses are left rotting in sheds until April to be buried, already decomposed.

The Nation Cult:

You may wonder why I have kept this at the top of the blog for days now, not only do I want people to watch, I also want to make comparisons between North Korea and Scientology. You may think there are none, think again. North Korea is a nation or at least half a nation as the South is so different. However, Scientology has pockets all over the world, yes that's right it is not confined to one area, it is spread out all over the world, like tentacles reaching into every aspect of life.

L. Ron Hubbard Junior (Nibs), LRH's eldest son said, and I quote

"L Ron Hubbard Jr ( Ron DeWolf ): I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don't realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it's stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don't see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology --and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you've got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan."

Just like Scientology is black magic spread out over a long period of time, so is scientology spread out all over the world over a long period of time, so you do not necessarily see it. It is not confined, many of it's people are, but it is not.

If you have watched the documentary you will see pictures like this:

Before David Miscavige, there was L. Ron Hubbard;

Everyone was in uniform that day, and although you can't see it here in this image, here is another image from the Apollo(though not at the same time), just so you can get a feel for how many people were aboard...

 Here's another picture from the Apollo, in the same era as the first image.

Aaron Saxton Scientology's Sea Org Recruits Minors Part 1 of 2.mp4

anonmonk anonmonk·45 videos

All be it, North Korea is on a much larger scale...Scientology is spread out around the world.

Please watch this video, it's almost three hours long, just the first 33 minutes will suffice. This is just one of the ways Scientology operates in your society today.You will see Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson as a guest, she is a promoter of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. Both adults and  your children watch "The Simpsons", it is replayed frequently and her money helps support Scientology and the flagrant abuse of children, by making them grow up in L. Ron Hubbard's teachings, following L. Ron Hubbard's policy letters and books to the letter.There is gross abuse metered out to scientologist children all in the name of enlightenment.

Listen from 0.30 in the video, listen to L. Ron Hubbard state "he liked to go out and research the stories he wrote about" and "how everybody thought that was a horrible thing to do"."I'd gone out and lived the part you know,( laughter)" "If your'e going to write a story about logging, then you'd better get in and log man, you'd better get in and log"."You go down and sign up on the logging crew"..."I used to have a system of not writing about things I didn't know about"...This video is edited to send insidious little messages. I am not watching the rest.

Cadet Org In Front of Sherwood Gardens

TheDarthXander TheDarthXander·118 videos

COB sends people to spy on his The picture below comes off of a IAS( International Association of Scientologists) video

There has been a more recent one, wait till I find a picture of him, and I am sure I will, eventually.The little lady you can just see the eyes of, kept me talking at a protest outside of St. Hill Manor, her car covering my poster for a good half an hour, whilst people were entering St. Hill Manor. This married couple above, came to visit my place of work on two occasions. When I find the more recent spy's photo, have I got one story for you.

Here is my poster:

It is NOT called 'THE CHURCH OF FEAR' for nothing.

My Father calls them the 'CAT PEOPLE', people that can stare for hours and haven't got a clue what's going on...

The New World Order;

I was endeared by this post tonight by Olska on ESMB:

All this talk about “tolerance” -- has anyone really taken a good look at what is at stake here?

People have the freedom to choose to do stupid and/or self-destructive things to themselves, and to other WILLING participants as long as those activities are not illegal. They can even do stupid, and what some would perceive as destructive, things to UNWILLING participants, in some cases – children in particular are subject to all kinds of weird treatments visited upon them by their parents -- as long as those things fall within the law. Reference the case described on another thread here of a woman who signed her 12-year-old son over to the Sea Org.

The “practice” of scientology is not illegal now, and probably never will be. As it is currently covered in this country by the legal rules that apply to “religion,” as well as other freedoms covered by our constitution and Bill of Rights, the choice to participate in the practice of scientology as a provider or a recipient will probably NEVER be made illegal.

And even though doctors, lawyers, psychologists, nurse practitioners, restaurants and food packaging businesses, organic farms, butcher shops, animal shelters, massage therapists, nail salons and hairdressers (among many others) are required to pass inspections and or exams and obtain licenses, and are subject to inspections and oversight as to their qualifications and adherence to standards of their fields, as of this writing, there is no licensing board, or licensing requirements, or public oversight of those who set themselves up as “practitioners” of scientology.

That means that if you see someone “practicing” any aspect of scientology on someone, even if you think the recipient is being harmed by that, you can’t call the police and have the practitioner arrested. You can’t get a legal injunction for them to cease and desist their activities. You cannot call your local county or city health department and have their activities inspected or rated for quality. There is no A, or B, or C rating in their window to tell you if they are, or are not, “safe” for your mental or spiritual health.

If, after subjecting yourself to their “treatment,” you end up with a serious mental health issue CAUSED by their “treatment,” or even something rather mild, such as a condition you might say was spiritually equivalent to food poisoning, you have little or no recourse. You cannot bring to bear the pressure of civil or criminal law to get their “practice” closed down so that they do not harm other gullible customers. You would probably have even a very, very difficult time bringing to bear a case of fraud, or a civil suit for damages such as might be brought to bear against a nurse practitioner who gave you faulty medicine, or a nail salon that gave you a serious infection, or a restaurant that nearly killed you with contaminated food.

As well as letter-writing and comment campaigns, you-tube videos, protest marches and the like, this discussion board and others like it, is part of a broad spectrum of attempts to educate people. Maybe that’s not what it was created to be, but that is certainly what it has become. It tells the stories of the many, many people who have been HARMED by the “practice” of scientology. It serves to help heal those harmed and to warn the unwary.

It disturbs me to see people crying for “tolerance” (which is another way of saying shut up and be nice to the poor beleaguered scientologists) HERE because out there in the world there is nothing BUT “tolerance.” There are no laws or regulations of any kind to prevent scientologists from merrily carrying on and continuing to wreak havoc on the mental health of unsuspecting (and often MISLED) people. Nothing.

The ONLY recourse that the general public has to protect it against the “practice” of scientology is education, by those of us who know how it has been, and can still be, used to harm people.

So I think it is actually our duty – here, on this forum, since we the membership are the ones who truly KNOW about this issue -- to shout, scream, and raise hell about it rather than looking away and being sweetly and quietly “tolerant” of those who blithely continue to spread, and protect those who spread, this insidious mindfuck into the world. And if some feels "shamed" into backing off from pushing scientology, all the better for it.

If that’s not going to be allowed on this forum, well then let’s settle it now – make it a rule that speaking against practitioners and the practice of “scientology” is forbidden, and then we’ll all know exactly where we stand.

Thank you for listening.

Thank You for posting, Olska.

On this day...

Editorials of the Sun // Scientologists and the child-molesting study
Tuesday, 22 April 1986
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida) 

It is ironic that the Church of Scientology has stepped forward to object to the spending of $832,000 by the Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI) in Tampa to study child molesters.

A Scientology-sponsored group — the Citizens Commission on Human Rights — says that child molesters are criminals, not sick people. Representatives of the commission's Clearwater chapter said the pedophiles should be placed behind high walls where they can no longer rape or molest children.

Well, the commission may have a point. With the FMHI's study not yet under way (it will begin next month), a great many questions are waiting to be answered. Some authorities in sexual pathology feel that a pedophile's obsession with small children is virtually untreatable, and that neither therapy nor prison sentences will prevent a molester from returning repeatedly to his old ways.

One of the risks the FMHI will be taking with its new study is that the research itself may make the sexual offenders somehow appear more respectable and less dangerous to society than they actually are. The institute's outpatient center will carry out the three-year program, whose main goal is to try to prevent relapses in the sex offenders. A center spokesman has emphasized that none of the patients will be sent to the center as an alternative to court-mandated punishment.

It will be risky research. The FMHI will try to find out why some pedophiles relapse and others do not. But if an FMHI patient does relapse and commits an indictable offense, the institute may be blamed (fairly or unfairly) for being involved with the offender.

Getting back to the Scientologists: They have as much right as anyone to comment on the proposed research. But Scientology's own track record with psychological research has many blots. Many disaffected ex-Scientologists have accused the cult of brainwashing and coercion.

And when it comes to accusing people of being criminals, Scientology has little room to holler. Several high-ranking Scientologists were convicted on federal charges a few years ago. Internationally, Scientology's standing with a number of foreign governments has left a lot to be desired.

Our point is simply this: Whatever flaws the proposed FMHI research program may have, the Scientologists are not the ones to raise a hue and cry about it.

Listen to the Dixie chicks - I ain't ready to back down and I NEVER will be, NOT ever!

Scientology in British Schools

Infodump: Drug-free UK - Scientology Front Group - Marathon

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Apr 26, 2013.Click on the date for more information

Anonymous Member

Infodump - Drug-free UK - keep this thread for any information useful for journalists covering this:

Drug- free UK is a Scientology front group touring the UK to "meet police, public officials, educators" and to gain access to UK schools.

Drug- Free UK is not a registered charity.

No reputable anti-drug organisations endorse scientology's literature or campaigns or methods promoted via the following Scientology front groups:
Say No to Drugs Say Yes To Life
Drug Free UK
The Truth About Drugs.

Scientology is anti-psychiatry. Scientology is anti-psychiatric drugs and anti-prescription drugs.

Alan Tichmarsh and the Jive Aces, has a kind of ring to it, don't you think?Come on, lets garden with the scientologists:

Let's have Kirstie Ally bra less gardening with Alan Ttitchmarsh, never mind dancing with the STARS, come on Kirsty, show us YOUR TR's, Show us how Narconanon stopped YOU taking DRUGS! Come on Kirsty, HOW?

How? Endless sec checks? Blackmail? Come on Kirsty, how did they get YOU off of drugs? The world wants to know? I don't suppose for one minute you want to tell them, but we would like to know. Whenever your ready?

Chandler and Jacqui MacDonald

The Melbourne Age
22 April 1991

The battle to Control the Mind

The conflict that so obsessed Ms Eastgate and Dr Bailey was one parochial campaign in an international war that has raged for 40 years between Scientologists and some they regard as their sworn enemies, psychiatrists.

Now the battlefield is Victoria, which CCHR claimed this month was "the deep-sleep capital of Australia". As the Victorian health commission winds up a long inquiry into deep-sleep therapy use in this state — largely at the instigation of CCHR — Scientology documents raise questions about the motives behind the church's push for the probe.

A key issue is the disturbing indication in the documents that apart from CCHR's altruistic interest in the Victorian inquiry, the Church of Scientology had a hidden agenda — and what could be seen by some as a witch-hunt aimed at discrediting the doctors and organisations helpful in outlawing the church in Victoria more than 25 years ago.

Those documents target the late Melbourne psychiatrist and deep-sleep advocate Dr Alex Sinclair as a key person behind the suppression of Scientology and a "big fish as regards enemy action against (the church)", and outline plans to have him made the subject of official investigations.

Scientology was, for a period, banned in Victoria after a Board of Inquiry into Scientology, conducted by Kevin Anderson, QC, which found in 1965 that while some aspects of Scientology seemed so ludicrous that its practitioners could be dismissed as "harmless cranks", to do so would be a grave mistake.
Mr Anderson reported to Parliament that the church was evil, and a serious threat to the community. Dr Sinclair participated in this inquiry.

A former Scientologist active in the church at the time says that the church continued under the guise of the Church of New Faith, until amendments under federal legislation in 1973 recognised Scientology as a religious denomination. That status, which remains in place today, effectively neutered the bans of Victoria and other states.

Perhaps the most stunning aspect of the reports is that more than 20 years after the Anderson inquiry, Melbourne Scientologists were — at least in 1987 — still trying to root out the individuals behind the 1965 probe that so damaged the young church internationally.

The preoccupation of a church organisation with investigations, debriefing and sweeping information gathering — particularly in regard to the medical world — may seem baffling without an understanding of the roots of Scientology, and the fixation of the church's founder, L. Ron Hubbard on espionage as a means of defending his empire against attack. Hubbard died, or in Scientology jargon "dropped his body", in 1986 after several years in hiding.

In the 1960s, Scientology developed an intelligence bureau known as the Guardian's Office, which was run by Hubbard's then wife, Mary Sue Hubbard. In an unofficial biography of Mr Hubbard, investigative journalist Russell Miller wrote that one of the "operating targets" was to assemble data by investigation for use "in case of attack", while another operation involved the theft, destruction or laundering of government records that held unflattering information about Mr Hubbard or the church.

In 1977, FBI raids on Scientology offices in Washington and Los Angeles uncovered evidence of a spy system that resulted in nine Scientologists, including Mary Sue Hubbard, being indicted for crimes including theft of government documents, burglarising government offices, intercepting government communications and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The sentencing memorandum of Mary Sue and her colleagues in 1978 — after they pleaded guilty to one count each — stated: "The crime committed by these defendants is of a breadth and scope previously unheard of. No building, office, desk or file was safe from their snooping and prying. No individual or organisation was free from their despicable conspiratorial minds."
Mr Hubbard was convinced that behind all the attacks on him and his church were a small group of communists who had infiltrated most of society, as a 1968 executive directive to his followers — obtained from the United States — illustrates.

"PSYCHIATRY and mental health were chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West. And we stood in their way," he wrote. He declared that Scientology had to stop this subversive destruction of the West.

The skirmish between the medical world and Hubbard began in 1950 with an article he wrote for a pulp science [part missing] — An Introduction to a New Science", and which subsequently developed into a best-selling book. His theory promised a technique that would cure any non-organic insanity, as well a providing a cure for numerous physcal ailments, from arthritis to the common cold.
Central to his theory is a process known as auditing. A California court described this as a one-on-one dialogue between a Scientology "auditor" and a Scientology "student".
The student ordinarily is connected to a crude lie detector, a so-called E-meter." The auditor asks probing
questions and notes the student's reactions as registered on the E-Meter," the court said.

"Through the questions, answers and E-meter readings, the auditor seeks to identify the student's . . . engrams." These engrams are negative feelings, attitudes or incidents that act as blockages preventing people from realising their full potential and living life to the fullest.

The court said that since Scientology held the view people had lived many past lives, they carried engrams accumulated during those past lives a well as some from the present.
The auditor and student then worked to identify and eliminate all the student's engrams so he could achieve the state of "clear", the court said.

The medical profession was outraged, accusing Hubbard of "sweeping generalisations", of devising "a clever scheme to dip into the pockets of the gullible" and encouraging dangerous amateur psychological meddling.
Over the years Hubbard's theories acquired overtones of science fiction inspired spiritualism and evolved into the Church of Scientology. A letter from Hubbard to a senior aid provide an interesting perspective on just why Hubbard founded the religion.

The letter describes how Hubbard believed the development of his theories — then occurring within Hubbard "clinics" — should occur within some sort of independent structure. "I didn't go to all the work I went to on the HAS (Hubbard Association of Scientologists) and other things to forget that my own revenue has to be a lot better than it has been in the past," he wrote.

"Perhaps we could call it a Spiritual Guidance Centre. Think up its name will you. And we could put in nice desks and our boys in neat blue with diplomas on the walls and one, knock psychotherapy into history; and two, take enough money to shine up my operating scope; and three, keep the HAS solvent.

"I await your reaction on the religion angle . . . A religious charter would be necessary . . . to make it stick. But I sure could make it stick. We're treating the present time beingness; psychotherapy treats the past and the brain. And brother, that's religion, not mental science," he wrote.

Scientology developed a highly organised structure within which adherents "bought" their way up a "bridge" to enlightenment and mental and physical health by paying for literature and specialist classes. A 1987 British investigation of the cult by 'Panorama' featured a Hubbard policy document on which the directive "make money" featured four times.

The same program listed 27 known sub-groups and companies of the church — including CCHR — many of which ex-Scientologists have repeatedly asserted were formed as part of long-term exercise to create social reform bodies that would improve Scientology's battered image.

A 1970 French Government police agency investigation into Scientology found: "This sect, under the pretext of freeing humans is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from its adepts by (use of) pseudo-scientific theories" and that Scientology used "a kind of blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with this sect".

A Californian Superior Court memorandum of intended decision found that from evidence given to that court in 1984, similar conclusions to the French statement could be drawn in US.

Ms Toby Plevin, a Los Angeles attorney involved in numerous actions against Scientology, argues that the bedrock of Scientology practice is to create in all believers a massive unity of mind when they have come to it on the expectation that their individual lives will improve.

Psychiatrists, too, have exercised extreme defensiveness against Scientology.
In 1988, an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald showed just how acute tensions remained between Scientology and Psychiatry. It reported that when a Sydney psychiatrist disturbed at the treatment of patients in Chelmsford wrote to one of the world's most eminent psychiatrists expressing concerns in 1981, he was urged to expose deep-sleep therapy at Chelmsford.

Sir Martin Roth, at that time the Professor of Psychiatry at Cambridge University, replied: "The inhumanity and cruelty to which patients (at Chelmsford) appear to have been subjected is quite unique in my experience and the Scientologists and other will have obtained ammunition for years or decades to come." He went on to urge that the issue be kept, for the moment, confidential.

Scientologists around the world have accused psychiatry of gross butchery, the church was itself accused of brainwashing.

MRS Hana Whitfield, an American ex-Scientologist who worked in the church's higher echelons was a personal aid to Hubbard, and argues that Scientology is Hubbard's own brand of psychotherapy continues to be practised in the hands of unlicensed people.

Here is a story about Jan Eastgate and they have perfected HUMAN RIGHTS to a point of Human Indecency - that's Scientology for YOU!

I don't need to prove my story to anybody, I know it's true, FACTS scare you, don't they?

Tomorrow, I am going to burn a book, guess whose book Lawrence? It ain't worth the paper it is written on.

GO, Play Chess, You have a better chance of WINNING!HAhaha!HAhaahahaaa!

I did not actually burn it, and I will tell you for why, I Intend to keep it as a reminder in my old age, as what LIARS Scientologists ARE and ALWAYS will be, forever!They have lied for over 60 years, why would they suddenly change NOW! They Would Not!

Happy Bargaining With the DEVIL!

Where IS the RAW emotion? If my son had been killed by Scientologyy YOU would NOT hear the last of it,but #1 Karen de la Carrierre tries to make funny and does NOT succeed with this protester. YOU have NO emotion, because YOU are a Scientologist.

Tracking them, tracking me...

Intrigued by a visit to this blog from Curacao, that is one of the ABC Islands that the Freewinds visits, I looked to see where the Freewinds is right now and guess where it is...Willhemstad, which is in Curacao.

Below taken from Marine


Contribute to this page   Add to My Fleet

Vessel's Details

Ship Type: Passengers ship
Year Built: 1968
Length x Breadth: 134 m X 21 m
Gross Tonnage: 9780, DeadWeight: 7500 t
Speed recorded (Max / Average): 17.6 / 15.3 knots
Flag: Panama [PA] 
Call Sign: H9CK
IMO: 6810811, MMSI: 354993000

Last Position Received

Area: Caribbean Sea
Latitude / Longitude: 12.1121° / -68.9324° (Map)
Speed/Course 0 knots / 185˚
Currently in Port: WILLEMSTAD
Info Received: 0d 0h 3min ago (AIS Source: 1215)
 Current Vessel's Track
Wind: 20 knots, 95°, 27°C
Itineraries History

Voyage Related Info (Last Received)

Draught: 6 m
Destination: WILLEMSTAD
ETA: 2013-05-14 00:45
Info Received: 2013-05-14 12:58 (0d, 0h 32min ago)

Recent Port Calls:

No Records Found

Ex Names History

Vessel's NameFlagCall SignLast Reported

1986-01-01 00:00

David Miscavige won't be the first con man to con these innocent people...

Below quote taken from the Curacao Sea Aquarian Resort:
You may wonder about the bright colors used on local residences. According to local lore, an early governor banned the use of white house paint in Willemstad, saying that it caused headaches and could damage the eyesight in the blinding tropical sun. He ordered citizens to use a palette of yellow, pink, turquoise and a variety of pastels when painting their homes. The story goes that after the governor died, they discovered that he had shares in a local paint company!

You don't fool me, COB.

Thank you COB, for proving me right all along!

On this day...

Church 'altered minds' trial told

Tuesday, 28 April 1992
Publisher: Toronto Star (Canada)

Church of Scientology intelligence officers in the 1970s were "complete zealots" prepared to use illegal means to attack critics, a former official has testified.

"Within Scientology, we were completely indoctrinated and did believe that everything we did was 100 per cent right. Our minds were completely altered," Bryan Levman told an Ontario Court, general division, jury.

Testifying in return for immunity from prosecution, Levman said he thought at the time it was justified in having "plants" infiltrate Metro police and other agencies seen as enemies.

"We thought it was good to do the things that led us here today," he said yesterday, referring to breach of trust charges against five members and the church itself in connection with the intelligence- gathering operation.

Levman, who started out as a church spokesperson, admitted to lying in the past "to protect Scientology. 

You twist the answer around to make it look good for the church. We were drilled for hours on how to do it."

But Levman agreed with Clayton Ruby, defence counsel for the church, that founder L. Ron Hubbard never issued a written directive to commit crimes to gather intelligence.

Levman, who admitted he authorized break-ins and plants, said a Hubbard document on the subject doesn't urge illegal acts but "doesn't say you can't do anything illegal."

Hubbard "set up the policies by which we did it," he said on his fourth day on the witness stand.
Levman denied Ruby's suggestion that he was trying to blame the church, and said he felt officials had attempted to put the blame on him.

"I can't shift the blame to the church. It already belongs there," he said, adding the leadership "can never own up to the fact that they ever do anything wrong."

In the mid-1960s Hubbard, who died in 1986, said "enemies of Scientology are fair game and we can do anything we want to them," said Levman, who joined in 1968.

"We felt safeguarding Scientology by any means was our mandate. We didn't trouble ourselves over whether it was legal or illegal, which is of course why we're here today."

Levman, 44, said ordinary members of the Church of Scientology of Toronto didn't know what was going on within his office of deputy guardian for Canada, which he held from 1973 to 1976.

The office reported to the guardian's office worldwide in England. It operated separately from day-to-day operations and its job was to battle those seen as enemies of Scientology, he said.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Scientology saw itself as being "persecuted" by police, government agencies and mental health groups, he said.

It was being portrayed "as a cult ensnaring young, impressionable minds and all their money," he said, adding he thought negative media coverage at the time was impeding Scientology's growth.
Levman said that, when he joined, he was young, idealistic, misguided and immature and he now has "no belief in Scientology."

The trial continues.

Copyright 1992 Toronto Star, All Rights Reserved.

Drug rehab clinic 'linked to Scientology is raided in Georgia over insurance fraud claims after teenage girl is billed $166k for $15k treatment'

By Daily Mail Reporter

A drug rehab believed to be tied to the church of Scientology is under investigation for insurance fraud after a former patient claimed the center charged her insurance company $166,000 for $15,000 worth of treatment.

Law enforcement agents raided the Narconon of Georgia, which has been endorsed by Scientology head L. Ron Hubbard, on Friday to execute a search warrant and to question employees about billing practices.

'We have credible information that indicates that insurance fraud is taking place with Narconon,' Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens told WSB Radio.
Raid: The Scientology-linked drug rehabilitation program known as Narconon of Georgia is under investigation for insurance fraud. Officials raided the facility on Friday
Raid: The Scientology-linked drug rehabilitation program known as Narconon of Georgia is under investigation for insurance fraud. Officials raided the facility on Friday

The investigation began after claims from a former patient, who noticed discrepancies in the billing practices.

The family of 19-year old Emily Morton of Rome said the center tried to bill United Health Care $166,000 for the teen's treatment, even though the insurance company had informed the family that the $15,000 bill had been paid.

Read more:

Church of Scientology Launches YouTube Channel

The Church of Scientologys YouTube(TM) Channel Debuts Today with 82 Videos about Scientology Including Interviews with Scientologists from Various Walks of Life Expressing Why Scientology is Their Chosen Faith.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Church of Scientology announces the launch of the official Scientology Channel on YouTube ( to expand its Internet presence and share the truth about Scientologys beliefs with the general public. YouTube is the worlds leading online video community that allows people to discover, watch, and share originally created video.

The move to share Scientology videos with the YouTube community is also a logical expansion of the Churchs initiative to make available much of the video content previously accessible to the general public in Church exhibitions around the world and at

The Church has initiated the expansion of its online video presence on YouTube in response to the global demand for video content and accurate information about its beliefs, practices and its humanitarian programs addressing drug abuse, illiteracy, human rights and disaster relief.

Following from its conviction that understanding is achieved through knowledge and information, the Church designed its Scientology YouTube Channel so people the world over can easily obtain the complete answer to the most often asked question: What is Scientology?

Noting that 75% of Internet users watch videos online according to Internet metrics provider Comscore, the Church continues its commitment to open communication and sharing of its beliefs and practices on YouTube, the worlds largest online video community - viewable on any computer desktop, laptop, iPhone or PDA-like device that has Internet connectivity.

The Scientology YouTube Channel offers a unique video player experience and advanced menu options for the Churchs 82 broadcast-quality videos, comprising almost 3 hours of content. Users desiring more information about Scientology or the humanitarian programs sponsored by the Church can obtain information and publications directly from the Scientology YouTube Channel.

Another great feature of YouTube technology is that it allows users to embed their favorite videos on their website, home page, MySpace or Facebook profile pages in addition to being able to bookmark or send their favorite video URLs to others.

The Church of Scientology will regularly update its YouTube channel with new video content.

For more information the Scientology Channel can be found on YouTube at or the Churchs website at

YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc.


Church of Scientology
Karin Pouw, 323-960-3500

What the "CHURCH" of Scientology failed to tell YOU in this amazing announcement is:

In February 2008 'Anonymous' put up a message on youtube telling Scientology in no uncertain terms that they had been watching them and they would dismantle Scientology in it's present form. On the 8th of February 2008 Anonymous held it's first protests world wide. For the first time ever, there were not just a few critics protesting Scientology , there were nigh on 10,000 critics world wide. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this protest, but I did so on the 10th of March 2008. My first protest, I had worked a 12 hour shift all through the night, but I would be there come what may, and I was.

Fired up on adrenaline, I half expected to find myself alone when I got to Tottenham Court Road in London. Amazingly enough, my knees were almost buckling when I encountered approximately 500 people protesting Scientology at that protest. IT was awesome! I had never believed it possible, ever!

And, I THANK Anonymous with ALL of my heart for giving me the courage to speak out.

At this point I would add a few links to various videos and posts, however due to whatever, recently I announced "coming soon, lots of links" and now I find I cannot link to anything via my computer. Don't worry, I aim to rectify the situation asap.In the meantime you'll have to google for yourselves.

Not long a go Marty Rathbun wrote a book, 'What is Scientology?' I have not read it, I do intend to at some point, but I'll be buggered if I will pay him for it.So it might be a while.Interesting to note, Mr. Sitting Bull, Marty Rathbun has 40 or more references in the footnotes of Lawrence Wright's book, Lawrence Wright's book cost me £16.50. I actually paid £16.50 to read a LIE. I got that for NOTHING on the Scientologists website. SO, I ain't paying nothing to read Marty Rathbun's lies.As for the Scientologists lies, YOU can read them for FREE! Can you believe that? NOW that IS funny... Oh the Irony...L. Ron Hubbard APPEARES - F*cking MENTAL!

The first and the last of the original Commadore's Messengers to speak out...

Watch 'THRILLER' - Michael Jackson, that's SCIENTOLGY! 1.1

YOU would NEVER believe it unless IT happened to YOU!

Everyone's on tender hooks!

None more so  than me, I grew up with L. Ron Hubbard close up and personal, yet I am ignored, again and again, like some ignoramus, like someone who does NOT know what they are talking about.

This tells me a great deal, It tells me ALL I need to know. Channel 4 and the BBC wanted to know my story apparently,but promises of contact remain elusive. HA HA HA!

HA, HA HA! And YOU wonder why you get the finger?

Celebrity = PHONY! But boy, do we get to make a lot of money, yeah, but DO YOU HAVE A CONSCIENCE? I don't think so!

The likes of L. Ron Hubbard, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere and ALL L. Ron Hubbardites have a lot to learn from the Planet of the Apes.But, you won't look further than your long growing nose! The Gorilla says, you must be an elephant, because you have a lonnnnng trunk...

My dear Tory,

Thanks much for sharing. Keep telling these tales of what OSA does when a 30 year veteran leaves after spending a $$$$ fortune in the church.

It boggles the mind how they make the parishioner the enemy.

You know, on the ship Apollo now and again someone wanted to leave. They were let go at the very next port. No imprisonment as is done on Freewinds, Int base, Pac base and all other bases currently. No lock down, no massive sec checking.

I recall LRH on the bridge of the Apollo giving a bear hug to someone who wanted to leave the SO to pursue a singing career. He empowered her with well wishes and forgave her freeloader bill on the spot.

I saw nothing but the highest ARC for a departure. What occurs now is unconscionable.


Karen, Wow! I have missed you over all these years. Great to reconnect with family! Its a shame we have to meet on the outside due to the abuse of disconnection and the definition of SP. We all know who the real SP is. I remember, that message run to you from LRH asking you to join the SO – that was a rarity. Plus many more message runs as you interned under LRH all the way up to Class XII.

I know it took alot for you to step out and lay your story out for everyone. Things will get better. You and I have known Rinder since he was on the ship with us- for over 40 years the three of us have been friends, so you know you can trust him and also Marty who I have known for over 30 years – though each time I hear stories of PI watching over Marty, I think, pay back can be a bitch – (Marty your supposed to laugh at this statement). Anyway, welcome home, you are among friends. Your step-step
daughter (lol)
  • martyrathbun09
    Janis, yeah, cracking up…
  • Karen#1
    Thank you Janis

    You are family. I recall how you would wait outside my auditing room on the Flag ship Apollo ~~ getting me to write up the latest LRH research session ~~ ahhhh those were the days. And the message runs from the boss to me ~~~

    I am proud of the fact that like you, we never once were busted even though we were on direct LRH lines. We never hit the skids on the Apollo, neither did Mike Rinder. We handled the ultra high randomity with flying colors.

    We are old Apollo crew and we take care of our own…..
On this day...4th May 2013

People don't like the BITTER truth, It's mean and it's nasty and there IS no need for it, unless IT really IS the truth, the bitter truth.Nobody wants to handle the truth, especially IF you are a scientologist! I am extremely compassionate towards people who want the truth, are guided by the truth and are able to see the error of their ways, however, I have NO feelings either way  for people who exploit bullshit! Period!

You can see why John Sweeney lost it with Tommy Davis, these people drive you NUTS! But, hey, that's the whole idea, isn't it?

BBC man says 'I was wrong to lose it. But these scientologists are truly scary'

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The Corruption of Scientology

How "the road to Total Freedom" was paved with gold

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  3. 1950-52: Boom and bust
  4. The foundation of Scientology
  5. "Promote until the floors cave in"
  6. Creaming off the profits
  7. Stashing the cash
  8. Greed is good
  9. Modern Times
This IS Mike Rinder's blog and whilst I try to empathize with someone who got into Scientology at the age of 6, and came out in his 50s, I am afraid it is falling on deaf ears. I personally was disconnected from my family in 1969 and I can assure you L. Ron Hubbard had a hell of a lot to do with it. LRH DID NOT CANCEL DISCONNECTION, whether it is written or not. Seems YOU people like to wright a lot of things that are NOT true. It's called being a scientologist...and NO this is definitely NOT the blog for me, because you LIE and what's more...YOU know YOU do!


Code of Honor

L Ron Hubbard's Code of Honor is well known. However the introduction to the code is as fascinating as the code itself. Here is a portion of it, and the code below... If you believed man was worthy enough to be granted by you sufficient stature so as to permit you to exercise gladly the Code of Honor, I can guarantee that you would be a happy person. And if you found an … [Read More...]

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With regard to the practice of disconnection, I have taken this up with the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology, and they have no intention of re-introducing this policy, which was cancelled on the 15th November, 1968.  For my part, I can see no reason why this … [Read More...]

Don't be fooled by my not posting most days, much of what is on the front page now will stay on this front page, regardless of date.It will be added to when time allows.

Sunday, 14 April 2013



Everywhere I go I see this poster, billboarded every which way but loose. This guy, Tom Cruise has a lot to answer for and about the only thing I can at this point agree with Lawrence Wright with is celebrities have a lot to answer for. They have a hell of a lot to answer for, when I see this poster, you have NO idea of the amount of bile that rises up in my throat. Way to go, Katie Holmes!

Tom Cruise should be forced to watch Darth Xanders video footage of the children getting on and off the buses in Clearwater, Florida, then he should be made to fly down to Clearwater, Florida and watch the inhuman way these kids are treated. Take a good look at himself and why Katie did not want Suri growing up in Scientology. Nah, scrap that make him sit for 3 hours without blinking watching the children get on and off the buses in Clearwater, Florida. Get your TRs in Mr. Cruise! The children have to. What, you got a lot of money, that gives you the right to behave like a lunatic? What, your a movie star, gives you the right to preach total crap?WAKE UP, Mr. Criuse, WAKE the F*CK UP!

Attached to everyone of these posters there should be one of these pictures...

...depicting how the kids in scientology are raised. Mr.Role Model of a scientologists, it is almost guaranteed these kids will need a psychiatrist in a few years time, you know the very people you rail against because you are not an authority on the human mind.

Church of Scientology's Cadet Org/Kids in the Sea Org

TheDarthXander TheDarthXander·118 videos

Testimony of Lori Taverna in the Clearwater Hearings - Courtesy of American Buddha

Another thing I've never felt good in Scientology about is the care of children. I have three children and I've always given them my full attention. At the Fort Harrison, they had a -- I never had my children at the Fort Harrison. But it happened to be right downstairs from the Medical officer. So, whenever I would go there, I would glance in and see the children.

Once I heard a child screaming very loudly. I went down just from instinct, you know, and I walked into where they keep the children. There was a toddler, he was all alone. His diaper was falling off and he was screaming. There was no adult there. I just picked him up and, you know, patted him a little bit.

Several times there were other children wandering around fighting with each other, you know, the way children do. It was right next to the parking lot in the back, and -- but they did have a gate there so the children wouldn't go out. But many times I saw them -- they were kind of just left there. I can't say I know exactly how they were cared for, but from what I saw they were dirty. The room Z went into was a mess; there were no sheets on the beds; and there were things thrown all around the room.

As far as education goes, in Scientology for all the years I've been in, there has been a put down of education by Ron Hubbard, by Scientologists. The school system is suppressive. A Scientologist has said to me several times, "You're not sending your kids to college, are you?" And I said, "Of course, I am." And she said, "How could you do that," as if I was committing a crime.

As recently as last week, my daughter has a friend who's a Scientologist -- she was at her house -- and the mother -- Debbie mentioned when she goes to college she's thirteen now. And the mother said, who's a Scientologist, "Debbie, why would you want to go to college?" And she said, "Because I want to learn about this and that." And she said, "Ron Hubbard has the greatest technology in the world. You don't need college; college is a waste of time." She said, "What do you want to learn?" She said, "Well, I want to learn about the business world." She said, "Even if I don't have my own business, I want to be smart so I can understand it." She said, "Ron Hubbard has the greatest business technology and managing/administrative technology there is and you can get it in Scientology. You should be taking your courses and going clear."

So, education is discouraged very much in Scientology. It's a suppressive organization that doesn't really teach you anything. And as long as you have your Scientology training, you're going to make it in the world.

My daughter was in the Sea Org.; she was in there for seven months while I was training here in Clearwater. She had no schooling at all. She said she went to school, I think, three times. She had to work from eight in the morning till ten-thirty at night seven days a week. And they said there was no time for school.

She was told that she would have weekends off in the Sea Org. This never happened. She got Saturday afternoon off for three hours because stats were up. She soon realized that this was not what -- she was in the wrong place. I wasn't there, but she was living with my brother-in-law, so she never actually lived in the quarters with the other children.

My daughter has gone to Scientology schools since she was born, literally. She went to a nursery and, then, she had all her education up until she was eleven years old in a Scientology school. I discovered -- well, guess, she was ten -- up until ten. I discovered when she was ten or eleven that she didn't know math. I felt very negligent. I assumed she's a brilliant girl. She was reading at three years old, very mature. Somehow it came out that she didn't know the two times table. Nothing.

I got very, very upset. I went to the school, and they begged me not to take her out. 

They told me that the GO would pounce on her; that was the words that they used. 
The Ability School was run -- I don't know the details, but the GO had some authority over the way the school was run. And the people who ran it said, you know, "This would be very bad if a Scientologist took their child out." I said, "I don't care what it looks like. My children -- I want my children to have an education and this is absurd."

I took her out and I put her in public school. She immediately went up to fifth grade math. She was just she's very bright. She was never taught anything in the school. The school was run like a Scientology organization; they had Ethics conditions. The children were also taught about the enemy in the outside world. Scientology children have an attitude that it's the suppressives out there and Scientologists.

They've often said things to my daughter about going into the WOG world. A WOG is someone not in Scientology. And when they heard she was going to public school, they frightened her. They -- my daughter cried for three days because she thought they were going to kill her in public school. And since then, she's out of Scientology. She knows everything that I do now.

But basically, the -- education is totally put down in Scientology.

When I was in Los Angeles recently, visiting my sister, I helped out in a Scientology private school. It was called Renaissance School. I'm not an official teacher, but I was helping because they didn't have anyone. There was a boy there who was nine years old. He had been brought up in the Sea Org.; his parents both were in and he was born in. He -- I understand from the owners of the school that he spent most of his nine years in the Children's RPF. I don't know what that is, but I assume it's the same thing as the adult RPF.

This boy couldn't read one word at nine years old. And I taught him how to read his first word, and I taught him his first sentence. And he just -- he was crying that he could read one sentence. He was nine years old, and he was born in Scientology and sent to Scientology schools.

I also know that the children have a lot of illnesses. I don't know -- I didn't see it, but my sister was there. And the children in the child care org. in Los Angeles -- a friend called my sister and said, "I need help. My son is very ill and I don't know what to do."

My sister went there and her friend's son had a fever and was crying. His job was to be the nanny; he was to watch the younger children and he had a high fever. She went to the Medical officer and she said, "This boy is sick; he needs a doctor." He said, "He's not sick; I examined him. And he's supposed to be on post." He said, "There's nothing wrong with him." He said, "I already know what it is. The children have herpes."

And my sister walked in and she saw infants -- she saw babies on the floor. They had sores all over their face and mouth. And my sister went into a rage. She went in and she said, "I want these children taken care of." And the Medical Officer said, "Well, who are you? What are you doing here?" He said, "As a matter of fact, I won't talk to you anymore." He said, "We don't have any money for a doctor."

So, she said, "Well, you get the money." And then, finally, my sister got so mad, she said, "Well, if you don't do something about these children right now, I'm calling the Board of Health." When she said that, she got a lot of attention: GO people, "Do you realize what you just said?" She was declared PTS, threatening to embarrass or sue Scientology, one of those categories.

The Medical Officer called her -- he said, "You just committed a suppressive act." She said, "No. You committed the suppressive act." She said, "I want these children cared for."
So, I know this goes on. I've seen it. I've seen many sick children in Scientology, and it's looked at that you should be on post. They don't need a doctor.

The Medical officer sometimes acts as a doctor. I've never seen them administer medicine, but it's more neglect than administering. They don't get the proper medical care.

Something I neglected to say: When we first arrived at the Fort Harrison in Clearwater here, you had to get security clearance before you're allowed on the -- to be officially here or to get -- to be on NOTS. It takes about a week. They check your life; they check everything.

And the person in charge was Skip Henson at the time. And you have to get -- read some beginning indoctrination of how to respond if anyone in Clearwater asks you a question. There are certain set answers that you should give if a resident happens to say, "What are you doing here? What happens at the Fort Harrison?"

I don't remember what they are exactly, but it's something to the effect that "If anyone asks you anything, 'I'm here for religious counseling.'" It was something like that, but I can't remember.

When they had rallies, you were told that the mayor was a suppressive person, that the officials in Clearwater were suppressive. They were trying to stop -- stamp out Scientology. We had GO briefings. When they had some sort of rally here, we were instructed. I think the woman's name was Nancy. She was giving the briefing.

MR. LeCHER: Nancy Risi?

MS. TAVERNA: Yes. She gave the briefing. And she said that "If any reporters or anyone comes to you, don't answer any questions about anything. Refer them to me."

We were also instructed -- every time some type of official would come into the Fort Harrison, students were given a little slip or a form: "The Fire Commissioner is coming," or "Some lawyers are going to be here," "Some WOGs are coming," you know, something like this. "Dress a certain way tomorrow because so and so is coming." We always had warning before any type of inspection was done. They would clear up whatever that particular thing was.

MR. LeCHER: A WOG is an outsider, again?

MS. TAVERNA: A WOG is a person who is not. in Scientology, so that's how they refer to someone like that. I think that I covered most of my notes here.

MR. LeCHER: We don't even know where to start, you've said so many startling things. One thing that struck me, though, was herpes. Isn't that a venereal disease?

MS. TAVERNA: There's two types. My sister took the child and paid for it herself; she took the child to the doctor. He was given antibiotics. She said it was a virus-type of herpes rather than a venereal -- they're two different things.

MRS. GARVEY: There are cold sores

MR. CALDERBANK: We used to get

MR. LeCHER: -It was diagnosed, though?

MS. TAVERNA: Yes. It was diagnosed by the doctor.

MR. LeCHER: All right. While you were deeply involved in all these things, did you still believe in the incredible background of L. Ron Hubbard?

Ms. TAVERNA: I believed totally in L. Ron Hubbard until recently. I felt very sorry for him.  I felt deep compassion. I felt that I was trying -- I had tried for seventeen years to make the organization sane and I said, "If I feel this way,  what must Ron Hubbard be going through?" And I felt a devotion to him to try to make it sane. I felt that he was one  of the greatest men that ever, ever lived, and I wanted to help him up until recently.
Even after Clearwater I said, "If Ron Hubbard only knew." As I said, up until recently.

MR. LeCHER: I don't know if I can ask this, but: Generally, what is the ultimate thing you expected with the new breakthrough? Would that be an exhibit of faith? You were looking for this new breakthrough which kept you going, apparently, in this organization.

MR. FLYNN: It would probably be wiser to -

MR.. LeCHER: I will ignore it and forget I asked the question. And I will stick to things that happened in Clearwater. You said there's a cramming hold. What is a cramming hold, what was his name, and where was the office, this cramming hold office?

MS. TAVERNA: What was that

MR. LeCHER: Cramming -

MS. TAVERNA: -- the second word?

MR. LeCHER: Hold.


MR. LeCHER: Cramming office. Where was it and who manned the cramming office?

MS. TAVERNA: The cramming office was right next to where the pool is. You had to go alongside the pool and, then, go in the back. It was in the back of the cabana-type rooms. That's where the cramming was.

MR. LeCHER: Would you know if that still exists?

MS. TAVERNA: Cramming always exists in Scientology in every organization in the world.

MR. LeCkER: Again, for the benefit of those that are new and for the audience: Again, what is cramming?

Ms. TAVERNA: Cramming is the department in Scientology which is correction. If someone doesn't apply the technology properly, if it appears that they have misunderstood words, cramming is supposed to find the misunderstood and handle it so the person can do it correctly.
There's something I want to say about cramming which I forgot to say, if I could just add it.

MR. LeCHER: If it's not -- doesn't have to do with faith or religious ceremony, I want to hear it.

MS. TAVERNA: Yes. This doesn't -- has to do with the treatment of people there by the Cramming officer. I went in there and this is one of my first few visits to cramming there was a woman who was probably about sixty-five years old, she was a NOTS auditor, she was there for training, which is admirable because people who become auditors want to help people. She apparently made some kind of mistake; she was sitting there; she was trembling; she had tears in her eyes.

The Cramming Officer -- his name was Spike Bush who, in my opinion -- never mind. Well, his name is Spike Bush. He was standing there -- he was sitting down, she was in front of him. He was pounding the table. She said, "But" --she was stuttering. She said, "But I thought -- but I thought." He said, "Don't think." He said, "That's your problem, you think." He pounded the table at least six times while he was screaming at the top of his lungs, "Don't think." And I -- okay.

MR. LeCHER: Well, if you want to continue, I did you ever -- after fifteen years, didn't you ever feel like a slave or indentured servant? I mean, you're working for $10.00 a week. And how did you exist and take care of your children?

MS. TAVERNA: No. For all the years that I was in, I never felt like a slave or that I was working for nothing. When I was on staff, I was married at the time -- his is before my divorce so my husband was taking care of the bills. My children came with me when they were young. I always brought them with me and I had them in a nursery. And I always went home by three o'clock in the beginning when my children were little. And I had a home and I had a normal life, not like many Scientologists who had no other income.
And in later years, I worked in a mission, which paid $125.00 a week and I only worked till six o'clock. So, I had other businesses at nights or on the weekends where I would do sales or something like that.

The only time that I have ever felt I was treated not as a human being was at Clearwater in '79. Before that, I felt that it didn't matter if I got $3.00 or $10.00; it had nothing to do with the money at the time. It had to do with just helping to make a better world. It didn't matter.

MR. LeCHER: Okay. You said in Clearwater, when you were here, they were collecting about a million dollars a week, and I think you may have mentioned in one week there was 2.3 million dollars.

MS. TAVERNA: No, I don't know that. I think someone else said that.

MR. LeCHER: All right. Well, a million dollars is a lot of money --


MR. LeCHER: -- a week. Who collected it and was it in cash? And where did you put it? Did it leave the area?

MS. TAVERNA: I don't know anything about the finances. There were -- I know that you -- I know where the money goes. You bring it to the cashier. There's a cashier window.

Scientology in the Orphanage Business... Mr. John Travolta and Mrs. Kelly Preston/ Travolta watch this for three hours without blinking, come on, do it for LRH. HIP, HIP, HOORAY!

As a good friend of mine said "It's disgusting! Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Cruise and do something about it! The same goes for YOU Mr. Travolta!

Basically, Standard Tech is BOLLOCKS!!!  Unless of course it is applied standardly and correctly. You must hammer out of existence all non standard tech and apply standard tech correctly,correctly, correctly!

Hammer out of existence all non standard tech and apply correctly!

Scientology just lost it's balls!

I am reading a book at the moment called Jack Reacher, originally called 'One Shot', it has Tom Cruise's face on the cover. Written by Lee Child and an interesting thing is The Independent on Sunday  says and I quote"The thing about Lee Child 's books is you can't put the damned things down". end quote.This IS from the Independent on Sunday. Not the Independent on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday or even Saturday, but Sunday.

I acquired this book for a £1 and I was being very generous at the time, I think. It cost £7.99 to buy normally.Why does anyone need Tom Cruise's face on the cover to sell it? Mr. Megalomania,just like his guru, L. Ron Hubbard, celebrity equals CRAP, when will the world understand this? They won't. But never mind, hay,it's ALL virtual reality.

Even Jack Reacher plays the birthday game, is he fictitious, NO, he's real and his name is Tom Cruise...he's also hypnotized, it says so in the book... and IF you believe that, you'll believe anything... Tom Cruise is L. Ron Hubbard incarnate and his followers are Apollo Global management, aren't they Terri?

Good luck with the book about your Mother, she was a real scientologist wasn't she, and sadly her demise was because of her beliefs, but I know you will gloss over that and make her a hero, just like Jack Reacher.

This is part of an e-mail someone sent me a while ago now, I think this is pretty typical of children brought up in scientology, especially typical if their parents were either in the Sea Org or their parents were devoted Hubbardites. There isn't really a great deal of difference between the two.

I decided not to reach to you again after we spoke. I was upset that you did not feel (I thought - may be a misunderstanding from me) the need to apologise for abandoning me as a baby and deciding not to try to contribute to my upbringing. Also you seemed to criticise my mother for a fair amount of the call, and given that she is in a far worse state than you are this seemed unfair on me as a subject for our first discussion. On reflection this upset me and so I decided not to call again.

The person who wrote this is a Sea Org member. A life time member. NO Choice! NO Choices! EVER! 

Hope you rot in hell, Phillip Parks, just like your valence, Terril. You are a very,very nasty piece of work, just like YOUR guru, L. Ron Hubbard. Your religion stinks to high heaven!