Monday, 1 April 2013

My Father was Locked in a Cupboard at Abellund AOSH Denmark in 1969.

You can believe it or NOT, but it did happen, gang bang sec checked by the Van Staden administrators of LRH "tech". Does that make it right? NO it f*cking doesn't! True blue believers in Hubbard's technology. They will try to convince a 12 year old child that they know what they are doing, but they do NOT succeed and they NEVER will.

I have a written statement from Joe van Staden saying he apologizes for berating me but he had a great adventure. At what cost was YOUR great adventure JOE?

What happened to YOUR wife, Joe, You Know the that has Never spoken? You know Joe, the one that made me wrong as a 12 year old child. The same woman that was in cahoots with both LRH and the MAA( Master at Arms)GORAN ANDERSON. I am sure YOU remember him. Boy could he play piano,But, he was a NASTY piece of shit when it came to shutting up 12 year old girls.

He stormed around the Apollo, rattling his batten around the walls of the Apollo early in the morning, you could hear him long before he got to your berthing and you had ten minutes to get up on deck and witness the Overboardings. You were tired because you had been up half the night on watch for LRH.. I do not EVER remember seeing Janis and Terri at muster, but I was there every single day. We commit your sins to the deep. What f*cking deep and what f*cking sins? Janis and Terri obviously never had any, because they were never there. True believers!

LRH's little angels!

One day, I really hope you two will speak out, but I hold my breath, cos I actually don't think that is never going to happen. Why do I think that, and I am sad to say I think YOU are both criminally liable.It does NOT please me to say this, but I reckon I am right.

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