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Re Misinformation

Interesting picture. Even more interesting is what happens when you start digging around. In the same week that I started looking into this, I received a very odd e-mail supposedly from the girl herself, however she wants to stay off the radar due to family still in scientology. Why on earth would someone who wants to stay off the radar admit to being the person and especially on Why We Protest? Strange, huh!

The following week I get a letter addressed to a Julie B, different surname but same initial at my home address, giving my address as their forwarding one with a huge gas and electricity bill. Strange, huh!

Even stranger, I get a second e-mail from JB saying "How can that be?" that we were on the same ship but i don't remember her. I had already said we didn't know one another because we were not there at the same time. But this person is insistent.

Curiouser and curiouser!

Since then I have received another e-mail from someone who shall  remain nameless,telling me this picture is from 1971/1972. Which makes far more sense. Apparently the other man in the picture is a James Howson, funnily enough I never knew him either.

I was really angry when I read Lawrence Wright's book, really angry. My blog is in the the footnotes.Tiny little quote, that few people are going to look at.I wasn't angry that I was dismissed as having so little history with Scientology, after all who the hell in their right mind would want to admit any history with scientology at all? Really? I cannot pretend I understand adults who got their selves into this because I do not. I never, ever will.

But today in just a few clicks on the internet I came up with this:

Ann Marie Tidman 1956-2011 – In Memoriam

Ann Marie Tidman Broeker Logan passed away on June 14, 2011. Annie was L Ron Hubbard’s closest friend and his exclusive direct personal and business aide during the last several years of his life.

That makes Anne Marie Tidman one year older than me., and then I came up with this:

Starting as a young teenager and all through her 20s, Annie Tidman was a trusted aide to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. She was one of his four original "messengers.'' She ran errands, summoned staff and carried his correspondence.

So she started as a young teenager, I think we can all agree that teenagerhood starts at 13, it isn't 11, it isn't 12, it's 13 - thats when you become a teenager.

Maybe I have it wrong about teenagerhood, maybe in L. Ron Hubbards world you become a teenager before 13, after all you have lived thousands of lifetimes, haven't YOU?

I knew I had read somewhere Annie Tidman had started as a Messenger at the age of 12 years old and today I found the reference...

Annie...spent the years in exile catering to Hubbard's every need. Like several of the other messengers, Annie had served L. Ron Hubbard on the Apollo, starting at the age of twelve. A quiet, pretty young woman with wavy blonde hair, she was twenty-four when she went into hiding. During the last year of Hubbard's life in particular, she served as the link between the Founder and her husband.

So I am in a bit of a quandary here.

So If Annie started out as a teenager as a Messenger, I was 12 years old, I started out as a Messenger on the Royal Scotsman/Apollo at the age of 10 years old. If Annie was 12 years old when she started as a Commodore's Messenger, she was still one year older than me and it doesn't change the fact that I was a Messenger aged 10.

Here is the offending page and I put it here, because it simply is not true, even though it's written. The paragraph starts at the bottom of the 1st page. I have never in my life torn pages out of a book, but I have done so in the public interest, as the previous scans were not very good.In addition, I swear there was an orchestrated effort to deliberately give false information, which in turn makes me wonder what other things are misleading in the narrative from the time I was no longer there on the Apollo.

 Above is a link to Hugh Urban's critique on Lawrence Wright's book ' Going Clear - The Prison of Belief'. Here is a critique from Tony Ortega on Hugh Urban's critique of Lawrence Wright's book;

Urban is an academic who relied primarily for his book on historic court documents — many of them involving ex-Scientologists suing the church — and he also wrote about the Anonymous movement, people who never had any involvement in the church. But he thinks Wright relied too much on eyewitnesses who spent decades in the church and who, Urban doesn’t point out, all back each other up with consistent stories. Knowing Wright’s book, we can tell you that he never, as Urban says, takes any ex-Scientologist’s story at face value, but instead works hard to verify and corroborate their accounts. (Discounting the eyewitness accounts of ex-church members is a classic religious studies professor thing to do, unfortunately.)

What neither of them manage to point out is Lawrence Wright chose to take the word of many ex sea orgers, who have been friends for decades, been in the sea org for decades and yes, their stories are consistent with being told the decades old stories, whether right or wrong. These people of which they are many are ALL written about in Lawrence Wright's book and virtually ALL of them still think of Hubbard as a God, or Saviour.Interesting propaganda there from the scientologists. It's called stick together no matter what and we will drive the SPs off of the internet. It's called Sea Org 2. The Sea Org out of the Sea Org, but they are still Sea Org, every step of the way.

Another interesting thing I found was this;

From Chapter Five, why conscience is partially blind:

One of the more striking characteristics of good people is that they are almost never completely sure that they are right.  Good people question themselves constantly, reflexively, and subject their decisions and actions to the exacting scrutiny of an intervening sense of obligation rooted in their attachments to other people.  The self-questioning of conscience seldom admits absolute certainty into the mind, and even when it does, certainty feels treacherous to us, as if it may trick us into punishing someone unjustly, or performing some other unconscionable act.  Even legally, we speak of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ rather than of complete certainty. 

There is NO reasonable doubt, when you are absolutely certain, Mr. Rathbun. 

Where were YOU Mr. Rathbun in 1967, you were NOT on the Apollo, were YOU? And where were YOU Mr. Rinder, YOU were NOT on the Apollo either, were YOU? And #1 Karen de la Carrierre was YOU on the Apollo in 1967/1968. By your own claims, NO you were NOT. But everything was just dandy when YOU arrived, wasn't it?

I have had enough of this * GAME*, what was that? *FAIR GAME*, keep running L. Ron Hubbard's KSW. It's obviously working for YOU! You people have NEVER had any qualms about lying, WHY would YOU change NOW! YOU wouldn't!  I call *BULLSHIT* on ALL your LIES! 

Here's a picture for you before scientology totally ruined it.....

Here's another trio of siblings that was annihilated by L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

I have more, want to see them?

Here's another one:

Derek Field is on the far left,Scientology's accountant for Narconon and Criminon in the United Kingdom. Now there's a happy family, aren't they?

There's that word again 'Independent', how in the world can you be an 'Independent' examiner ie: accountant for Scientology when you have been a Hubbard loving Scientologist for nigh on 50 years?How is that possible?In Scientology, anything is possible.I should like to point out that Mr. Fields brass plaque in the High street vanished when I started writing about him.Funny that!

Definition of INDEPENDENT

: not dependent: as
a (1) : not subject to control by others : self-governing (2) : not affiliated with a larger controlling unit independent

There is someone missing in the above picture, here she is:

Has she dropped her body, moved onto the next level, gone to meet LRH at Target Two? Where the hell IS Target Two anyways? Venus? Mars? What planet are YOU on, seriously?

In the top right hand photo is a little girl(me) aged 10 years old on the Apollo. The picture comes from this film, a documentary made by Grenada TV:

Here's a picture of me again only this time I am 11 and a 1/2, I am still on the Apollo. In fact I had my 12th birthday on the Apollo and left soon after.

I gave Lawrence Wright access to all my writings on the subject of scientology on OCMB, ESMB and ESK. So just what is going on here? Even If I am not listed as one of the original Messengers, which I was, the youngest, why isn't Claire Popham mentioned, she was also one of the original Messengers? And if memory serves me correctly in what I know, what I have read and heard from others, Annie Tidman/ Broeker/Logan joined the Apollo ship in early to mid 1969, just as I was leaving. I even have a fleeting memory of being introduced to someone called Anne, but it is fleeting because I could not get off that ship quick enough.I was on that ship for approximately 20 months, that is almost 2 years. I should hope I would know what I am talking about.

I actually think Annie Tidman/Broeker's story is a very important one and a very sad ending to her life, the least anyone could do is get the facts right.And, I wonder why they were not.

I want to know what happened to Claire Popham? I know she was there, cos so was I at the same time, Annie Tidman/Broeker and Julie Blundell were not.

When I was there 1967/1969, there was usually one Messenger in attendance at a time, there were four of us messengers on 6 hour watches. There are 24 hours in a day, for those of you who can't do your maths. Terri was the head Messenger and I think she did most of the paperwork. I don't recall her being on watch, as in attendance outside the office of LRH.She might have been till I came along, but Messengers on duty were Janis, Claire, Suzette and myself for much of my time posted as a Messenger.

More often than not, I had the late watch,which is why Janis was always in bed already asleep by the time I got to bed and more often than not Janis had the Morning watch, which is why I never recall her being at muster, which I had to get up for, regardless of how late I had got to bed.Quite often it was very late, like the early hours of the morning.

Later, when more nubile young teenagers appeared it was most likely upped to two messengers in attendance at a time, but I was not there, so I cannot vouch for that. 

Can't Handle the Truth

Here's a thread on ESMB about Annie Tidman/Broeker/Logan:

Here's what Veda has to say about Annie Broeker, and it correlates with my own observations:

From what I understand, Annie Broeker's mother was and is a Scientologist, and Annie was born into Scientology, becoming a Commodore's Messenger. She served Hubbard on the ship, which would have meant that she would have been 13 or 14 at the time (as best as I can approximate it), then, according to an account at Marty's blog, she "served LRH on a daily basis for the last ten years of his life." So, roughly, she would have been thirty at the time of Hubbard's death. That means she spent most of her life - up to the age of thirty - as a personal servant to L. Ron Hubbard. I've seen some of the (confidential) Commodore's Messenger material - written by Hubbard - and it is creepy stuff. Annie, rather than having a normal adolescence, instead was a full time servant of the founder of the cult of Scientology.

Hubbard had a preference for Annie Broeker, and she became his number one female servant.

A while back, a poster to ESMB, Cowboy, who is a former Commodore's Messenger, provided some information and insight. Here are just a few items. All of Cowboy's posts are worth reading.

Regarding the ages of the Commodore's Messengers:

Most went straight to the CMO, slightly over half I'd say, starting at 12 or so for many. A few held other posts and would enter a little bit later, after some non-CMO experience. Very, very, very few got in in their twenties. Mostly not where the old man was.

How do I recognize Holocaust denial and distortion?

Holocaust denial and distortion are motivated by agendas that are neither about the Holocaust nor about greater understanding of a documented historical event. Some Holocaust deniers, so-called “revisionists,” claim to be authentic scholars, when instead they manipulate facts to support a particular ideological position. Hiding their antisemitic intent under the guise of free speech, they claim to offer an alternate version of Holocaust history. Because legitimate scholars do not doubt that the Holocaust happened, Holocaust denial plays no role in legitimate historical debate. To evaluate if a claim falls within the spectrum of Holocaust denial and distortion, consider the following:
  • Is the source reliable? Has the source made other historical claims that were exaggerated or false?
  • Does the source present selected facts to support the claim?
  • Does the source follow accepted methods of historical inquiry?
  • Does the source reveal a particular ideology or belief?
  • Does the claim fit within the generally accepted history of the Holocaust?
  • What does the source want you to believe after exposure to the information?
 Above Quote taken from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Holocaust Denial and Distortion

There most certainly is, you see there is this Xenu's Sea Org that is private and confidential and if you don't say the right things, boy do you get strife.Then there is privately "this guy is an asshole and a bullshitter", really? better take a closer look then, and I did. In case anyone is wondering I am talking about Gerry Armstrong, someone who has really been put through the grinder where scientology is concerned. How dare he show the world LRH's admissions.Just how F*cking dare he? Xenu's Sea Org does NOT like it, Xenu's Sea Org does not like it one little bit.I knew the day I said I support Gerry Armstrong, I was in big trouble with certain people and I certainly knew when I got a private message some time later that " I believe Hana(that's Hana Eltringham/Whitfield) but I don't believe Jesse Prince and I thought I had better look into this Jesse Prince. I have been for some time, but tonight I read from start to finish and it was a long read, Jesse's interview with Lawrence Wollersheim. The plot thickens! I have heard from a couple of Indie's how they don't believe Gerry or Jesse, interlinked.

You see initially these people could not dispute that I knew Hana, because they knew I did, therefore they had to agree with links I sent, but they knew I did not know Gerry or Jesse, so they could form a dispute.

The dispute has got way out of hand, I know what you did, nice little touch putting Belkacem in there, he left in disgrace, apparently.Nice little touch sticking me in the footnotes.L. Ron Hubbard sold a lot of books too, nice epitaph!

Jesse Prince Tapes: Tape 7

Gerry Armstrong - Declaration of Vicki Aznaran:

Re Pat Broeker:

Just call me Mary wrote;

There's much propaganda about Broeker, so beware of what you read. To answer your questions:Broeker is in the Czech Republic, yes. If anyone took a few minutes to google his name, they would find that out, as I did. From what I could tell, he's been there for some time now, gainfully employed and having nothing to do with Scientology. Of course, he's silent and cannot cooperate with journalists or post on forums about his experiences in or opinions about Scientology because, even as Marty implies in his comments about PIs and harassment of him, Broeker is under the Miscavige gun and always will be. That speaks to me of a traditional Scientology gag with consquences if broken. Scientology Gag Agreements have legal, personal and familial consequences and anyone being forced into signing one to get away from the insanity does so to obtain peace. Why do you think it's taken a 4th generation Hubbard/Dewolf to finally take the courageous steps to break the noose that has bound his grandfather and decendents?

That Marty and friends taunt Broeker with verbal attacks on his credibility while Broeker is not in a position to respond or defend himself speaks much of the approach Marty has taken in trying to control the history of what happened in Scientology before and after Hubbard died. Broeker will probably go to the grave with what he knows and Marty will have been complicit with Miscavige in having made that possible. Still, its a choice Broeker was forced to make, just as it is with Terri Gamboa and others who have been silenced and are just trying to make the best of their life around the contraints of the gag.

You speak about money as if you know something. Fact is, there is no evidence Broeker left with a bundle of money, only rumor without facts. In fact, I suspect that Miscavige made Broeker indebted to to the church. Pat could have easily fought to keep the Creston property as he purchased it for Hubbard under an assumed name but he didn't.  What do you know about any money? Only what Marty tells us or implies, right? Well, until we have some docs that prove he has money from Scientology it is best to not perpetuate rumors. You think living in Czech Republic at a distance from Miscavige's harassing henchmen is the equivilent to living in luxury in exile? My God.

Broeker does not owe anyone anything. Not Reitman, not Wright. Not you, me or not anyone. Its very easy to armchair critic someone like Broeker but do try to walk a mile in his shoes and do think twice before perpetuating propaganda that makes him out to be a bad guy. Many people knew and loved Broeker and in silence they honor that memory, knowing that in Broeker's silence there is a bigger picture yet to be revealed.

Zegal Briefing 1

To understand how we have come to this point, with the change in Church Management, and the other things that have happened, we are going to start about 10 years ago when the ship, the Flagship Apollo was still at sea. It's important to realize that the Flagship's management was under the Church of Scientology of California Corporation, and that during that period of time, in 1973, the Church's taxes were being looked into, especially their tax-exempt status.

And in order to handle a portion of that problem, which included the excess amount of income that was coming into the Church beyond what was being spent and problems that might have occurred as a result, Herbie Parkhouse, a fairly well-known person of Church history, decided that it would be appropriate to set up a foreign corporation to handle foreign money coming to the Flagship. That is, anybody coming to the ship that was not a US citizen, their money, rather than traveling through USA banks, would go directly from the ship to a foreign bank.

A corporation was set up called the Religious Research Foundation, or the RRF. It apparently was founded in Luxembourg, and bank accounts were established in Luxembourg to handle the Church's money there.
When a person would come to the Flagship who was not a US citizen, his income would be received, it would be invoiced to the RRF and that money would be couriered from the ship directly to Luxembourg where it would be deposited in the accounts there.

The couriers that were active at the time were two young men. Pat Broeker was one of them, and Peter Gillham Jr. is another.

In 1975, the ship stopped sailing around and the Flag Land Base was established. The ship landed in Florida, I believe in Dayton, and projects were initiated to find suitable quarters to house the Flag Land Base.

The money that came into the country to purchase the Flag Land Base came from the Luxembourg accounts of the RRF into the United States in cash. And it went through a corporation that was set up called the United Churches, and it was United Churches who initially made the purchase of the building ((Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater Florida.))

Now that the Flag Land Base was landed, the RRF nonetheless was continued, and so that money coming into the United States from those people from overseas was again invoiced to the RRF and that money was packeted up, sent to the Guardians Office, that was apparently then responsible for couriering it out of the country, again to the accounts in Luxembourg.

We have talked to a couple of people who have been present while these things have gone on, including a Flag Banking Officer who was at Flag and WROTE the invoices, and people from other countries who came to the Flag Land Base and received those invoices.

Now, Ron was in the area around Clearwater during the early years of the establishment of the land base. And he was known to travel in and out of the buildings there occasionally, giving lectures to the C/Ses, participating in directing research, and so forth. However, during the raids and just slightly thereafter, as the legal problems of the Church began to multiply, it was considered that the Flag Land Base was probably not the best location overall for Ron to be, particularly in terms of his security. Now there may have been other reasons for considering a change of location, but those are the ones we can easily see.

Nonetheless, it was decided that a location in the western part of the United States would be appropriate, and the area around Palm Springs apparently was selected. When I say around Palm Springs, I mean approximately a 50-mile radius around Palm Springs. Some teams of individuals were sent out to locate property, some properties were found, and a new headquarters for the international management was established in the western part of the United States, again in the Palm Springs area.

The external communication lines of the Church were set up there, telex lines and so forth, and the international management team established its location there.

Ron was also there, the Senior C/S International and other individuals as well.

During that period of time, we are now looking at the year 77, 78 and 79, that group began to grow, and among the responsibilities of the individuals there, aside from international management overall, was that Dave Mayo was working with Ron on NOTS, and specifically, was auditing Ron on his audited NOTS ((as opposed to Solo NOTS)).

Dave Mayo, however, was also doing some traveling at that period of time, doing some missions around the country, and was becoming well known, almost a celebrity if you will, as the foremost tech terminal aside from Ron himself. That was considered to be potentially a security problem. Also, the size of the staff that was there with Ron was also considered to be a possible security risk, and concurrently, a lawsuit in Oregon being run was also considered to be a potential risk.

The solution to that was going to be to find a new location for Ron to live. Ron's audited NOTS apparently was finished up, Ron's staff was moved to the newly purchased Gilman Hot Springs. That was purchased about the middle of the year in 1979. That was a resort that was just outside of a town called Hemet, again in the same 50-mile radius approximately around Palm Springs, and was simultaneously, the home of Golden Era Studios.

Ron selected two people from his staff to be his full-time aides, essentially personal associates, and the two people who were selected were Pat and Annie Broeker.

Now one of the reasons for selecting Pat Broeker, although there may be others, was that as a principle courier for the RRF, no new courier would be needed to be told where Ron was living and he and his wife Annie had been part of LRH's household staff or personal staff for some time, and so they seemed apparently to be logical choices.

The Broekers apparently participated in selecting the new quarters, and when the new quarters were found, they and Ron moved off to those new quarters, along with a couple of people to be grounds-keepers and security folks.

In 1980, Ron apparently began to become concerned about his eventual death. Evidence of that is that he sent letters to each of his children indicating that he did not expect to live longer than 5 years, and that they should begin to make whatever preparations would be appropriate for his passing. In addition, several individuals of the Commodore's Messenger Org staff received similar letters, and the activities were put into operation to prepare for the establishment of trusts that would allow Ron to drop the body, go off and pick up another body, return, and pick up where he had left off.

The legal activities apparently were quite extensive, trust funds were established, trustees were appointed and it is around the appointment of these trustees that things began to become..., the intrigue begins to grow here.

First, was the settlement of some of Ron's personal affairs, and it was considered that the Church owed Ron not an inconsiderable sum of money for past use of trademarks, copyrights and so forth.

And so, Ron got together with several of his financial advisors, personal staff and so forth, and during the year 1980, or perhaps early 1981, began to work out exactly how much money was owed. Now, according to Time Magazine, the figure that was eventually arrived at was 85 million dollars, and a demand for that amount specifically, or one close to it, was made of the Church.

Now, it wasn't "We have to have this money by Thursday at 2 o'clock", a little bit more time than that was allowed, but nonetheless, that's a big task to gather together that kind of money, and according to reports we have, people were told that the Church reserves were not to be reduced in order to satisfy this particular request.

Scientology Roots:

Scientology's Reign of Terror Is at an End:

Interview with David Mayo:

Criminal Time Track (Incomplete):

Following Pat Broeker

After Hubbard:

After Internet Hackers.......just look at the "church", funny word that, don't you think?

Here is the "church", here is the steeple and here are ALL of the People.

What helped YOU leave ESMB behind, f*cking LIARS that LIE!

Face the consequences of YOUR actions!

What helped you to leave scientology behind, says ESMB:

Well here's the thing,If you knew how many times it tried to corrupt my thinking over the years, but I just would not let it, everytime it reared it's ugly head I fought it off refusing to acknowledge it, that was my safety point.Do not let it corrupt you.This was hard, when I first got out into the "wog" world I was an abomination, really. I could not adapt. 13 years old and you suddenly find yourself in mainstream education, but all you have known for the past two years is Hubbard's education, and it was two whole years by the time I left the Sea org. I'll tell you how I adapted. On the outside I did try to adapt, but on the inside I went F*cking mental. and eventually that kinda took over on the outside.

From the age of 12 and a half - 15 I totally lost the plot, I mean totally, YOU have NO idea what my mental health was in those two and a half years. I was diabolical at school, spent most of my time having lessons on my own outside the Head Mistresses Office, because I would not conform in class, it's a hell of a lot to expect of a young kid to conform to when they have just left a totalitarian regime and can't discuss it with anyone and to live in such fear, whilst on the outside giving an appearance of normality.Fortunately for me I had two teachers who liked me and one of them was the Head Mistress.

But do you know what was worse than all of that, until of course I ended up in care and became a degraded being "you pulled it in"!, was I was " a Commodore's Messenger", the elite, what a F*cking joke, seriously!

Elva and family if you are reading this, which I doubt, please contact me, we can sort this out, honestly we really can. I will help you, I will do everything I can to help you, I promise! I am in the "wog" world and with all it's faults it's a hell of a lot better than the world you are in.


On this day... 7th May 1982

Title: Writer says sect harasses her
Date: Friday, 7 May 1982
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Author: Steven Girardi
Main source: link (90 KiB)

It has been 11 years since freelance writer Paulette Cooper published what she calls "the book that launched a thousand suits." And it has been about a week since she was served with the eighteenth lawsuit filed against her by the Church of Scientology.

"I handled the eighteenth better," the thin, blond woman said Thursday. "But how can things not bother you? I work day and night to pay lawyers."

Ms. Cooper, in Clearwater this week for the city's Scientology hearings, has been embroiled with the sect since she published a book in 1971, "The Scandal of Scientology."

The New York writer said the latest suit charges her with conspiracy against the church, as do most of the recent suits. Ms. Cooper, meanwhile, said she has two suits pending against the sect and one counter-suit charging Scientology with harassment.

In sect documents released by federal court order in 1976, Ms. Cooper emerged as perhaps Scientology's most hated enemy because of her damaging writings about the sect and its activities.

According to the documents, she was the target of "Operation Freakout," a plan to get her "incarcerated in a mental instititution or jail, or at least hit her so hard that she drops her attacks."

The subsequent lawsuits have cost her $19,000 and led her to a nervous breakdown, she said.
The church has said it no longer engages in such attacks, but Ms. Cooper, who will speak at today's hearings, said otherwise.

"They say they've changed," she said, chain-smoking Kent cigarettes. "I want you to know that Scientology has not changed. I don't ever want anybody to go through what I went through."

Ms. Cooper, 40, said that this past week someone canceled the airline reservations for her Clearwater flight to the hearings. "That's the third time this year," she said.

The sect's Tampa attorney, Paul B. Johnson, declined to reply to the comments until after Ms. Cooper testifies. Scientology spokesman Hugh Wilhere repeated the sect's policy of referring all inquiries on hearing matters to Johnson.

Ms. Cooper called the city's hearings a "wonderful forum," even if they serve no other purpose than "to educate the people."

She said she thought the sect has been growing weaker in recent years and, when asked how long she thought it would survive, said "I plan to outlive them."

But she predicted the sect would always have a "hard core" following of at least 1,000, "and this, Clearwater, is where they're going to be."

Ms. Cooper's book was prompted by a friend who she said joined Scientology in the 1960s and wound up in a mental institution. She said she does not know the sect drove her friend to the institution, but the incident raised her "curiosity."

She began research in 1968 and, said she ran into trouble with the sect soon after.

"They made it clear to me about what would happen," she said. "That they'd make me an example so no one would ever do it again. I was scared, but being scared is a very stupid reason to be quiet."


Having people locked up in 'mental institutions' is a favored method of L. Ron Hubbard's control to SILENCE people, including that of 12 year old girls.A forceful threat by the MAA(Master at Arms),when you are 12 years of age and you have seen people including young children locked up, do you think a 12 year old child would not believe they have the power to execute this threat?

Yet the scientologists rail against mental institutions with their front group CCHR (Citizens Commission of Human Rights). The Apollo ship was a floating mental asylum, and L. Ron Hubbard was it's biggest inmate.

let's try this, shall we, L. Ron Hubbard bad, David Miscavige bad and Indoctrinated Scientologists bad, still finding some generalities? In 30-40 years, still highly indoctrinated! Still able to see the good points - there are NONE! NONE WHAT SO EVER.

It had NOT escaped my attention, however someone else brought it up - OCMB has gone from 'Undressing Scientology' to 'Undressing the "Church" of Scientology , now there IS legitimacy for you, don't you think?

Support the Independent movement, NO!

On this day...8th May 1982 -- Clearwater Hearings

Meister, the days final witness, said he went to  Morocco in 1971 to identify his 22-year-old daughter's body after a Scientology minister notified the family she committed suicide.

But he said a picture he saw led him to believe otherwise. The .22-caliber, long-barreled pistol that killed her was tucked beneath her folded arms as she lay on a cabin bed aboard Hubbard's ship he said. A bullet hole pierced her forehead.

"How do you do that?" Meister asked of the gun's position.

He said he battled with the church to have the body returned to his Colorado hometown for burial. But the church had buried her in a burlap sack in Morocco and had to be exhumed and shipped to the United States, he said.

[Picture / Caption: Death description // George Meister (right), of Greeley, Cob., describes how his daughter Susan, who reportedly committed suicide, was found. Anti-Scientologist attorney Michael Flynn (left) holds photo of Susan Meister, who was a Scientologist aboard L. Ron Hubbard's yacht Apollo just prior to her death in Morocco.]

Yes, how do you do that? Shoot yourself in the head, but the gun is tucked under your arm? No doubt forensic scientologists have an answer?

Don't they?

I do NOT need to justify my answers or my questions,I lived with L. Ron Hubbard for 20 months aboard the APOLLO, formally known as 'The Royal Scotsman'. I was one of his Messenger's, I knew him pretty well..Pretty god damned well, he had me confined in the hold of the ship, you think I'M GOING TO FORGET THAT !

Have YOU ever been confined in the HOLD of a ship, chipping rust at the age of 11, have you?Sleeping upright against a bulkhead, NO blankets, NO mattress, NO nothing! Have YOU? I have, on the Apollo.

But, Yvonne Gillham/ Jenschz was fucking amazing wasn't she?Pulled in ALL the celebrities, BLAH, BLAH, fucking BLAH!

And THEN we get the SQUIRREL BUSTERS reining down on MARTY RATHBUN, HA HA HA!

When YOU finally decide to find a conscience, I will be here, in the mean time...Blah, Blah, Blah! 

I don't really think I need to say anything else do YOU? But, I'm going to, you have not heard the last of this.

Next time you write a book, get a different fact checker!

Not an Dependant propagandist.

The continuing story will be continued....

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