Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Time IS NOW!

Ex scientology kids, the time is now. Get your stories off to the Supreme Court, and make sure the Hodkins do not get victory.

All of you know, just like I do this is the biggest farce in history, a wedding in a scientology chapel being bonafide, just like a death of a loved one in a scientology chapel being bonafide, are you kidding me?

Isn't marriage supposed to be sacrosanct? I have been married twice myself, I do not intend to make a third one,most marriages in scientology  tend to be multi  numbered, including LRH, but of course LRH had a third  marriage, but not a second one, he  was a bigamist.

The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard

I have three  Mothers, the one that bore me, the one that acted like a Mother and the one that  wanted a Mother for her child.I don't know any of them, I have not seen any of them since 1960,1969,and 1974 respectively.

The first one as far as I know had nothing to do with scientology at all. The second one, Valli, was closely related to scientology via my Father, the third one was a definite scientologist until her dying day, I am still not clear as to whether or not she is dead, just info from a daughter, my step sister that she had chronic emphasemia and had, had several strokes and was now a vegetable, this from three years ago.

                                                                                                                                                                      Valli, top by window and me, front left. Found in an attic recently. A birthday party.My 5th.By the time I was six, we were at St. Hill, in East. Grinstead.

My third Mother, Lynne Fields at St. Hill in the late 60s.. Married to Derek Fields, accountant for Narconon and Criminon in recent years, both scientology front groups

At st. Hill in the 60's a question of Faith.

A Faith for Sale:

Louisa Hodkin is trying to make it legal in the UK to have marriages performed in the scientology so called "churches, are you going to let her get away with this heresy?

You gotta have Faith!  I know Louisa's face, it's one of pure blasphemy, get writing ex kids, I intend to do so,please join me.

Her Father is the one that sends Cease and Desist letters to all anonymous "terrorists" in the United Kingdom, you know, those ones that wear V for Vendetta masks and peacefully protest all over the world.They, the scientologists hand out videos to local businesses saying terrorists are coming to town.And what do you actually get, an ex CMO ( Commodore's Messenger from the Apollo's early days) and a young man that doesn't like the way scientologist's behave.

But never mind all of that, we have a planet to Clear, and we will do so religiously.

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