Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dear Ron - religious doctrine

Right, I have gone on about the TRs, Training Routines and these are at the most basic level of Scientology after the Personality test which tells you you have a "ruin", something wrong with YOU. And Scientology apparently can help you with that.These training routines are what gets people in to scientology. It's a form of hypnotism to reach obedience and in many cases it does work, or you would not have all these fanatical L. Ron Hubbard worshipers walking around in disguise as "helpers" of the planet.The trouble is it doesn't stop there, there's more and more and more and more, but for now we will deal with this:

These training routines are devised to make YOU subservient to scientology. I believe that if these training routines are not carried out exactly and or if you don't want to become a slave to false origination you will find the truth out far quicker than if they are carried out correctly.Add to that the PTS doctrine, the SP doctrine, the conditions, especially lower, Liability, Doubt, Treason, Non Existence, the Tone Scale,Sec Checks and Love Bombing YOU will be lead through a merry dance of hell.


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